How do I Write a Graduate Curriculum Vitae?

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When writing a graduate curriculum vitae, certain information must be included. The document should begin with detailed contact information along with a comprehensive list of educational accomplishments, including any honors and awards received. A graduate curriculum vitae must also include all teaching, research, statistical, or computer experience along with any professional work experience that you have acquired. In addition, list all awarded grants, published work, and conference presentations as well as any professional activities or affiliations. The document must also contain a list of your teaching and research interests along with personal and professional references.

A well-written graduate curriculum vitae must begin with detailed personal contact information. This contact information should include your full name, mailing and e-mail addresses, and telephone number. Personal contact information is usually followed by a comprehensive list of educational accomplishments. Your major, degree type, award date, and school name must be included in this list. Theses and dissertation titles may also be listed in this section along with any honors or awards received.

The next section of your graduate curriculum vitae should list all practical experience you have acquired during your education. You may begin with teaching and research experience. Some people prefer to tailor the order of their experience to the type of position applied for. If you are applying for a research position, you might list your research experience first. A graduate curriculum vitae for a teaching position could be written with an emphasis on teaching experience.


Teaching experience must include detailed information such as courses taught as an instructor, co-instructor, or assistant. Research experience may contain the nature of the work, position held, and specific duties. Your graduate curriculum vitae must also include all statistical or computer experience as well as any relevant professional work experience. The name of the institution and supervisor’s name should accompany each entry.

Your graduate curriculum vitae may also contain information about any grants that you have been awarded. The agency title, project type and funding amount should be listed as well. All published documents such as reports, chapters, and articles may be listed along with documentation in the proper citation style. Conference presentations can also be included in this section. This information should be followed by a list of your professional activities and affiliations such as workshops and memberships.

The next portion of your graduate curriculum vitae should include a description of your teaching and research interests. Research interests may be divided into key areas. Teaching interests should list courses that you are currently prepared to teach as well as those you are interested in teaching. The last portion of this document should be a detailed list of personal and professional references. Include names, mailing and e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers for each reference.


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