How do I Write a Company Mission Statement?

Ashley Farris

A company mission statement is among the most crucial tools that a business needs to craft its public image. The purpose of the statement is to express the purpose and values of the company in just a few sentences. In order to write a successful mission statement, you must identify the goals, methods and principles that define the company and combine them in a clear, concise declaration. It is your responsibility to address a purpose, a plan and a philosophy that will allow the company to develop a relationship with its community.

Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

When beginning to develop a company mission statement, you must remember to think in simple terms and exclude jargon that is not understandable to the layperson. Design a statement that will easily reach every customer, employee and community member worldwide. An effective company mission statement is one that relates both to members of the company and to its client base. Although it contains specifics, the company mission statement also must be broad enough to last for a significant amount of time without revision.

The first consideration in a company mission statement is the purpose of the company. Identify the main reason that it went into business and what it hopes to accomplish. Asking questions of the employees and principal figures in the company is one way of gathering ideas and recognizing common goals. Knowing the products and services that the company provides will enable you to outline expectations for quality, service and pricing. Overall, your focus should be defining the commitments to those your organization serves.

Next, you must name the steps that the company will take to fulfill these commitments. Categorize specific services, methods and daily practices that will ensure that each goal is reached effectively and each value is thoroughly demonstrated. These actions can include internal practices and ways of interacting with clients. It is important, over all else, to use active language and designate the steps that the company is willing to take to see its vision to fruition.

The last necessity of a company mission statement is the identification of values and beliefs that guide the work of the organization. Clients and employees alike must understand the convictions that make it possible to meet the company's goals. Values such as respect, dedication and leadership often are what allow a business owner to maintain focus on following through with his or her promises to patrons. This step is the most important in building the confidence of customers and building a loyal client base. It is crucial that the business is identified with admirable and proactive qualities.

A company mission statement can be from several words to several sentences. In any case, it must be easily digestible for those who read it. A long, rambling statement not only will lose the reader but will give the company an unorganized image. Length also is important, because people who are affiliated with the company should be able to bring its mission statement readily to mind.

Keep in mind while writing a company mission statement that its purpose is to motivate. Proactive language, positive tone and descriptive words are the best tools you have in building the right image for the business. A quality mission statement inspires commitment, support and action from associates of the organization. Think of the business mission statement as a means of creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the company and its constituency.

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Good point about avoiding jargon -- that simply confuses people. I'd also avoid hyperbole and fluffy, touchy-feely statements that sound good but say nothing.

People reading mission statements, I think, want to understand what a company is about and how it conducts business. There is no place for buzzwords or other marketing nonsense in a mission statement.

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