How do I Write a Clinic Mission Statement?

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A clinic mission statement is an opportunity to showcase your organization's medical commitment to patients. By crafting a short, plainly written document you will be able to give prospective patients a snapshot of what you offer and what makes your clinic unique. This is a great way to showcase your professionalism and instill future visitors with confidence in the clinic.

A clinic mission statement should only be a few paragraphs long because it is intended only to give a brief glance at your philosophy, not an in-depth overview. Be sure to use simple, declarative sentences in order to best communicate your message. Avoid using technical medical terms in this statement because, even though patients are seeking your help, they may not know all the terminology. It is important to create a universally understood, brief look at your clinic with this personal mission statement.

The first thing you should mention is who you are. This is generally a few sentences about the clinic and the professionals employed by the organization. This does not need to mention specifics, but should quickly mention the experience of the doctors, nurses and other individuals at the clinic.


Take another sentence or two in the clinic mission statement to outline what services you provide patients. This should be a broad look at what treatment a person can expect after they walk in the door. If you specialize in podiatry, this is where you mention it. If your clinic offers a variety of services, mention each as basically and briefly as possible. Also be sure to mention how you provide these services, including any unique techniques, philosophies or equipment.

Arguably, your clinic mission statement's most important element should be a sentence or two near the bottom that states your dedication to patients. When reading mission statements, most patients want to know how well they will be treated and what kind of service they can expect. Briefly address these concerns by discussing your clinic's history of handling special cases or taking time to focus on individuals or any other aspect you are particularly proud of in regards to patient care and ethics.

Finish your clinic mission statement with a line or two regarding the future. You do not need to make a grand statement about your superiority in the future, but rather what steps you are taking to improve. No matter if it is a dedication to learning the latest techniques or using state of the art equipment, this mention will show readers you are committed to staying on top of your specialty.


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