How Do I Wrap a Hijab?

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There are many reasons a woman might want to learn to wrap a hijab, or Muslim headscarf. Many Muslim women wear them as a show of modesty, whether they’re living in the Middle East or abroad. Women visiting Middle Eastern countries as tourists might learn to wrap a hijab out of cultural respect. This traditional headscarf covers the whole head, including the hairline and ears, except the circle of the face. When you wrap a hijab, the steps include pulling back your hair, gently laying the scarf across the crown of your head, securing it under your hair, and tucking it around your chin.

The first step when you wrap a hijab involves pulling back your hair. This isn’t absolutely necessary, but it may make it easier to adjust the scarf without strands of hair getting caught in the fasteners, or working their way into the opening. A low ponytail, bun, or braid usually works well. Fancier options include two small buns made low, near your neck, or two small braids wrapped around your head. Some women like having a neat, stylish hairstyle even if it is hidden.

The second step when you wrap a hijab involves laying the scarf across the crown of your head. The edge of the scarf should lie along the horizontal center of your forehead. The right side of the scarf should just barely graze your shoulder, while the left side should dangle to the center of your chest. Gently pinch the front edges of the hijab at the level of your chin and wrap them backward, pinching them together at the nape of your neck. Secure them with a small clip or pin.

Your ears and hairline should now be completely covered by the hijab. Gently pull the corners of the cloth forward so they cover your shoulders, the left side should still be longer than the right. Grip the bottom corner of the left side of the scarf and pull it upward so the edge is parallel to your left ear. Wrap this edge around the crown of your head to the right, bringing the corner down around the underside of your chin and back up to your left ear.

Pin the corner of the hijab in place just above your left ear. The pin may be plain or ornately decorative, but should be something other than a safety pin. Bar pins work well, as do lapel stick pins. Lightweight pins are also usually a good choice, as they won’t pull the scarf down as the day progresses. When you look in the mirror, you should see the circle of your face, including the forehead, cheekbones, and chin.

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