How Do I Use Tibetan Meditation Bowls?

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Tibetan meditation bowls have been used for thousands of years to promote relaxation, emotional and spiritual centering, and better health. There are several different ways to use them. For example, a person could purchase one or more bowls and learn to play them. In the alternative, there are a variety of compact discs (CDs) available wherein the music created from the Tibetan meditation bowls has been recorded. In general, the vibrations emitted from the Tibetan meditation bowls are used to reduce stress and balance the mind, body, and spirit.

Some people who own Tibetan meditation bowls learn how to play them. The most common way to play a bowl is to circle the bowl's outer rim with a mallet. Generally, the person will hold the bowl in the left hand or place it upon a sticky mat so it does not move. Next, she will gently tap or strike the bowl, near the bowl's rim, with a covered mallet. Then, she will apply pressure with the wooden, uncovered mallet to the bowl and rub it in a clockwise direction, circling the outer rim.

With time, the mallet — usually made of Himalayan wood — will develop tiny grooves. As the grooves become more defined, creating sound from the bowls will be easier. In addition, the person will learn the exact amount of pressure that is needed to create the most sensational vibrations with her specific mallet.

Some people who have been playing their Tibetan meditation bowls for longer periods of time may decide to explore beyond the basic technique of circling the rims of the bowls. In that case, there are other options. For example, the bowls can be filled with clean water. Then, the person may not only listen to the vibrations, but also watch the way the vibrations affect the water in the bowl. This might allow her to enter into a different state of meditation as well.

On the most simplistic level, the vibrations of the Tibetan meditation bowls reduce stress and relax a person. Whether listening to the bowls sing on a CD or playing the bowls themselves, listening to the vibrations can help calm a busy mind and allow a person to take some time to breathe deeply without worrying about the problems of the day. Often a person can meditative by repeating short phrases or mantras while letting the vibrations wash over her. In some cases, listening to the bowls sing may allow a person to enter into a deeply meditative or dream-like state.

Some individuals believe that the human body is comprised of energy centers called chakras. In those cases, the person may use the Tibetan meditative bowls to revive certain energy centers and heal the body. Each bowl can be given a different pitch or tone. The various pitches often relate to specific energy centers, allowing specific areas of the body to be restored and healed.

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