How Do I Use Salmon Concealer?

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Salmon concealer is a cosmetic product meant to neutralize the dark color of under eye circles. These circles are an annoyance to many women, as they can make them look tired and older. The dark smudges that sometimes appear below your eyes have many causes, from natural aging to nasal congestion. Color correction with salmon concealer also works quite well on brown spots and discoloration, and can even hide tattoos if the product is opaque enough.

Dark circles under the eyes are often the result of advancing age or illness, or they may be hereditary. Blood vessels can be seen through thinning or pale skin, appearing bluish in color. If your skin is darker, the circles may appear brownish. Makeup can help but the wrong color usually does nothing to hide dark circles. Salmon concealer, chosen with the appropriate skin tone in mind, will help neutralize shadows.

The reason for this is found in the color wheel. Complementary colors, or those that are opposite on the wheel, cancel each other out. The peachy tone of salmon concealer eliminates the blue of blood vessels visible through the skin. Color correction is used by many professional makeup artists to eliminate flaws in their clients’ skin and make them camera ready. Green and yellow concealers cover red marks, and lavender is used to even out sallow or yellowish tones.


To apply salmon concealer, it’s usually best to use a makeup brush. Dip the bristles in the pot of makeup and lightly brush it on the circles, blending it thoroughly until there are no lines or marks visible. Set it with loose powder, also applied with a brush, so the concealer will not look shiny and will last longer. You may or may not need foundation over the concealer. Be sure not to forget the corners of your eyes, where the appearance of shadows is common.

If you are covering a tattoo, you will probably need several layers and even more than one shade of salmon so you can get a blend that better matches your skin. It’s a good idea to shave the area first so fine hairs won’t collect the product and make it obvious. An opaque product with plenty of pigment will conceal the tattoo better than a sheer one.

Cold compresses can improve the appearance of dark under eye circles by constricting the blood vessels so they are not so visible. This makes the salmon concealer work better. Plenty of rest can often be helpful, and some people find it effective to elevate the head of the bed to reduce swelling and puffiness caused by fluid accumulating in the under eye area. If you’re experiencing any pain or sensitivity in your eyes or a product is causing any discomfort, discontinue using it and consult a medical professional.


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