How do I Use Loose Emeralds?

T. Carrier

An emerald is a type of gemstone whose main feature is its green color. While the rock is a fixture in everything from jewelry to furniture, loose, individual gems can serve two primary purposes: Loose emeralds can be incorporated into larger projects like jewelry, clothing, or crafts; or the loose gemstones may simply function as a charm or lucky keepsake. The latter function is often enhanced by several symbolic ideas associated with the emerald.

Morganite can be used in decorative jewelry.
Morganite can be used in decorative jewelry.

The rich green color of loose emeralds makes them an ideal complement to many decorative pieces. Several types of jewelry can benefit from an emerald’s inclusion, particularly earrings, rings, and pendants. Emerald beads placed on a knotted string could function as a necklace, for example. Since emeralds are the birthstone for the month of May, an emerald-centered piece of jewelry could make a nice birthday gift. Emeralds are also given as anniversary gifts, particularly for a 20th, a 35th, or a 55th anniversary.

The color emerald green is named after the rich color of loose emeralds.
The color emerald green is named after the rich color of loose emeralds.

One may combine emeralds with other precious stones in decorative jewelry as well. Gems in the same family as emeralds could make ideal partners. These include the following: goshenite, morganite, red beryl, golden beryl, green beryl, heliodor, and aquamarine. The last three gems usually contain some shade of green. The first four consist of other color tones: pink, red, and yellow, respectively.

Emeralds also carry many symbolic associations that may prove useful in finding ideas. Two of the most well-known representation are of nature and springtime. Both brim with the rich green colors that emeralds contain. These concepts are further connected to feelings of vibrancy and renewal. With a little specialty glue or sewing, emeralds could add an extra touch to a spring- or nature-themed arts and crafts project or even home-made spring clothing.

Other positive traits are purportedly connected to emeralds, such as wisdom, love, and youthfulness. In addition, some believe the gem can chase away insomnia or depression. More fantastic claims attribute poison and even demon banishment powers to the stones. Given these considerations, one may simply use loose emeralds as good luck charms. Gifts of loose emeralds could also be given to artistic types or good friends, since the gems also allegedly enhance creativity and friendship.

One may consider the details of an emerald before choosing a use. For example, most emeralds have secondary colors besides green, like blue or yellow. The latter gives the emerald a warmer appearance. Further, quality loose emeralds are often of a darker or at least medium green color. This color should neither appear too intense nor too clouded and dulled. Cleaning with warm water and mild soap will preserve the emerald’s luster and overall appearance.

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