How do I Use Chinese Medicine for Cancer?

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To use traditional Chinese medicine for cancer, you can utilize the principles, practices, and herbs of a type of therapy known as Fu Zhen. This type of alternative cancer treatment uses the principles of Qi, or energy flow, and a rigorous program of herbal remedies to help the body combat cancer. Many cancer patients who undergo Fu Zhen therapy use it in conjunction with more Western forms of cancer treatment, like radiation, chemotherapy, and prescription drugs.

The roots of Chinese medicine stretch back 2,000 years and include such alternative healing modalities as acupuncture, folk remedies, and herbal supplements. Over the centuries, the theories of Fu Zhen were developed using the guiding principles of energy flow throughout the body. In the modern era, Chinese medicine is employed by one-fifth of the world.

Chinese medicine for cancer treatment views the condition as an impairment of the proper flow of Qi. The Qi has either slowed significantly or stopped altogether, an event known as stasis, giving rise to the conditions that support the development of cancer. Qi stasis is identified by the presence of unusual masses in the body, as well as general feelings of irritability and anger. Chinese medicine also considers two other types of stasis: blood stasis, marked by acute pain in a specific area, and phlegm stasis, characterized by heavy, lethargic sensations in the body.


The initial step in using Chinese medicine for cancer treatment is visiting a traditional Chinese doctor that practices this centuries-old form of medicine. The doctor will make a diagnosis based on your condition and set up a treatment plan that best suits your individual needs. He or she will be particularly interested in your tongue, since Chinese medicine views the tongue as an indicator of the body's current health problems and how they can best be treated.

The doctor will likely prescribe Chinese herbs for cancer. There are a variety of herbs that can be utilized for treatment. These include Huang Qi, or Astragalus, to combat fatigue and help the immune system fend off the effects of chemotherapy. Also involved are Sha Ren, or cardamom seeds, and Sheng Jiang, or ginger, which have been shown to have significant anti-nausea properties. White blood cell counts might be raised with the usage of Ji Xue Teng, or Caulis Ji Xue Teng.

You may also want to consider additional practices of Chinese medicine for cancer treatment. These could include acupuncture, acupressure, massage, and reflexology. Gentle exercises like qigong may also be appropriate.


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