How Do I Use Aloe Vera for Burns?

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There are a number of key steps to take when using aloe vera for burns, starting with flushing and cooling the injury. Then, rub some aloe vera lotion into the burned area as well as the surrounding skin. If you do not have lotion or gel, you can break a piece off an aloe vera plant and squeeze the foliage to extract a liquid. For best results, you may want to repeat this process two to three times a day until the wound has completely healed.

Using aloe vera for burns begins by preparing the affected area for treatment. It can be a good idea to flush the burn with cool water immediately after the injury takes place. You should hold the burn under running water until you are able to remove it without feeling a stinging sensation. If running water is unavailable, you can use an ice pack instead; this could be a better choice if some swelling has already taken place.


After cleansing the burn, you are ready to apply aloe vera products. You may want to buy aloe vera lotion at a drugstore because this type is normally very easy to use. Some brands are available in squirt bottles, which can make it very convenient to rub into a burn. You should typically use enough aloe vera lotion so that the skin fully absorbs this product, but in the case of a severe burn, you may want to simply pat the top of your wound with this gel lightly, to avoid further damaging the skin.

Another way to use aloe vera for burns is to use the leaves of the plant itself. Many people grow aloe vera as a houseplant, and if this is the case, you can simply break off one of the leaves in order to treat your burn. Once you have done this, you can squeeze the leaf in order to extract a little bit of aloe vera juice, which can then be applied to the affected area.

When using aloe vera for burns, you will likely notice the best results when the lotion is used two or three times a day. Before each application, it can be a good idea to wash the burn with cool water, and doing so can help prevention infection. The length of time needed for a burn to heal can depend on your immune system and the severity of the burn.


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