How do I Reduce the Appearance of Mouth Wrinkles?

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If you want to reduce the appearance of mouth wrinkles, there are several different methods available. Medical procedures include Botox® injections and laser treatments. Cremes containing ingredients such as collagen may help reduce wrinkles around the mouth. Moisturizing and staying hydrated are other mouth wrinkle treatment options.

Smoking and sun exposure are both thought to contribute to mouth wrinkles. Smoking is unhealthy for the entire body, including the skin, and should be avoided. It depletes nutrients from the skin and may cause wrinkles from the smoker's constant pulling motion on the mouth with cigarettes. Sun exposure ages and wrinkles the skin. A lip balm with sunscreen should be used on the lips and exposed areas of the body, while the face should be moisturized with a good moisturizing lotion regularly to prevent drying.

Drinking enough water each day keeps the skin, including the area around the mouth, hydrated and healthy. Dehydrated, thirsty skin can wrinkle much faster than when it's kept properly hydrated. It's important to keep the skin healthy, as even normal movements such as smiling or frowning can cause mouth wrinkles.

Perioral, or mouth, wrinkle creams typically contain ingredients thought to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, such as vitamin A, collagen and coenzyme Q10. These creams may or may not work for you. If you try these types of anti-wrinkle creams, make sure to get the kinds with sunblock added unless the cream is made to wear at night.


If you wear lipstick, using lip liner in a matching color can help keep mouth wrinkles from being quite as noticeable. The frequent use of wax and threading products on the upper lip area to remove hair can create mouth wrinkles. The stretching and pulling movements can place a lot of pressure on the skin.

Laser resurfacing treatments reduce the appearance of mouth wrinkles by removing the skin's surface to leave a smoother appearance. New skin growth after laser resurfacing tends to look brighter and less textured. Fine wrinkles around the mouth are often eliminated in the resurfacing.

Botox® injections around the mouth cause the skin muscles to tighten. This paralyzing or freezing of the skin can help prevent mouth wrinkles, as it limits movement in the area. If you consider the Botox® injection option, make sure to choose an expert cosmetic surgeon who will allow your skin to make facial expressions after the injections without having your face look stiff and unnatural. In addition to preventing wrinkles around the mouth, Botox® injections may also reduce the depth of existing wrinkle lines, making them look less noticeable.


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Post 3

Granny lips are my nightmare as I get older. All the women in my family have very prominent mouth wrinkles and I'm afraid that I will too.

I've also invested a lot of money in creams, each cost at least one hundred to three hundred dollars. And I have not had any significant improvements. I think I would be better off saving that money and going for botox.

I'm also interested in holistic treatment options though. I've heard that acupuncture can be helpful because it "wakes up" the nerves around the mouth. That may be another option but I don't think it's proven or very popular.

Post 2

I'm using a home remedy of olive oil and mashed pumpkin seeds. I had read about it in a news article. I like this remedy because my skin is very sensitive and I'm allergic to most products. Olive oil is natural and hydrates the area around the mouth really well.

I'm also taking grape seed extract supplement for antioxidants. I think cranberries, blueberries and green tea are also good for the skin.

Post 1

There was a lady on TV who was talking about something called face yoga. She used her hands and fingers to make different movements on the face to smooth out wrinkles. She said that if you do it regularly, it really works. She also claimed that she was not using any face creams or treatments and she looked really young for her age.

If I remember correctly, she said to place a pencil in the mouth and roll it with the lips to help with mouth wrinkles. I think it's worth trying, it doesn't cost any money.

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