How do I Treat Flu Nausea?

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Dealing with flu nausea can be done in a number of different ways, such as taking homeopathic treatments and integrating clear liquids into your diet. When dealing with flu nausea, it is important to avoid certain foods such as milk and greasy foods. Taking nausea medications can also be a good way to deal with the problem. Regulating body temperature can also be a good way to treat flu nausea.

When you are dealing with flu nausea, one of the best ways to treat it is with homeopathic remedies. There are a number of natural products designed to combat the symptoms of the flu. For example, oscillococcinum is one of the more popular natural flu remedies available. Many people report feeling better almost instantly after taking this supplement. Many times, this type of remedy comes in small pills that can be absorbed under the tongue for maximum effectiveness.

Another step you should take is to drink clear liquids. Avoid any dark soda or fruit juices, as they can upset your stomach. Try to stick with water or other clear drinks during this process. It is important to get plenty of fluids while you are sick so you do not become dehydrated and amplify the problem.


It is also important to avoid certain foods and drinks while you are sick. For example, you will want to stay away from milk, cheese, and other dairy products. You should also stay away from greasy food because it has a tendency to cause upset stomach.

There are also a number of nausea medications you could potentially take. Many of these medications have a chalky taste to them. These medications have a good history of being able to soothe upset stomachs. Some will come in the form of a liquid while others will come in a chewable pill.

In addition to taking medicine, you should also attempt to regulate your body temperature. Many times, people who are suffering from flu nausea feel warm and uncomfortable as well. When this happens, you can cool yourself off with an ice pack, a wet washcloth, or a fan. Taking a cool shower could also potentially help your upset stomach. During this process, it is important to not get yourself too cold, as it could negatively affect your core temperature and make the problem worse.


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Ginger ale or hot teas with ginger are great for flu-related nausea. Not only do these beverages help to settle a queasy stomach, but drinking extra liquids when you are sick with the flu helps to keep you hydrated.

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