How do I Treat a Congested Baby?

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Treating a congested baby can be a particular challenge. Cold medicines and decongestants often do more harm than good in children under six, so other treatment options should be explored. Some remedies for treating a congested baby are using a cool mist vaporizer, administering saline drops, removing excess mucus with a bulb syringe, and elevating the baby’s head when he sleeps. A nice stay in a steamy bathroom may also help the baby breathe better. The parents should also consider removing any external factors, such as fans, from the room where the baby sleeps.

Nasal congestion can be caused by many factors or irritants. These factors can cause nasal passages to swell or excess mucus to form. In order to treat a congested baby, a parent or guardian will usually have to remove the mucus and try to reduce the inflammation. If possible, the parent should remove the baby from any irritants that can cause congestion. For example, if a baby’s congestion is caused by dust, it may not be wise to let him sleep in a room with a fan since the spinning blades can circulate dust.


Elevating a congested baby’s head may help with a postnasal drip. Postnasal drips occur when mucus travels to the back of the baby’s throat. This mucus can cause coughing. It is important to note that pillows should not be used because of the risk of suffocation. A few towels can elevate the head enough to make a difference.

A cool mist vaporizer or a steamy room may help to break up mucus and relieve inflammation. Cool mist vaporizers allow cool moist air to soothe a congested baby’s nose and help to relieve swelling. Steam can also break up mucus and can help reduce nasal swelling. A 15-minute stay in a steamy bathroom or a warm bath can often make a difference.

Saline drops and a bulb syringe can be used to remove mucus from a congested baby. A drop of saline solution in each nostril can help to break up mucus that could be affecting a baby’s breathing. After a few minutes, an adult can gently suck out the mucus that remains. It is important not to suck the mucus out of a child’s nose too many times throughout the day, however. Doing so could irritate the child’s nose.


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I've used natural eucalyptus for chest congestion Heavanet, and you are right, it is very soothing. In addition, because it is natural and mild, it is not irritating to your skin. I can understand why it would be good to use for congested children.

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Several companies make all natural eucalyptus rubs that are great to help soothe congested babies. Once you check with you doctor to see if this type of treatment is good to use for your child, you can find different brands at health food stores or online.

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