How do I Track a Money Order?

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The manner in which you can track a money order may depend on where it was purchased. In most cases, however, money orders have serial numbers on them that can be used to track them to determine whether or not they’ve been paid out. The tracking process usually involves visiting or contacting the organization that sold the money order, filling in a form, and paying a fee. The organization responsible for the money order may then investigate to see whether it has been cashed.

Since money orders are sold by various organizations, the process for tracking one may vary from place to place. As such, the best way to start this process may be contacting the organization responsible for paying the amount listed on the money order. For example, you may have purchased a money order from your local post office or from an organization that deals with money transfers. Phoning or visiting the organization may be the best way to start, though some organizations may post instructions online.


A money order receipt, which is usually a carbon copy of the money order, may contain information you can use to track a money order. For example, some may have phone numbers or a website addresses you can use to gain information about money order tracking. This may save you a trip to get the information you need. Additionally, a money order receipt may also include a serial number that is unique to the money order you purchased. This number is typically critical to tracking money orders.

Depending on where you purchased the money order, your next step may be completing a form to begin the tracking process. You’ll likely need to provide your name and address as well as the serial number you found on the money order receipt. You may also need to include the amount of the money order and the name of the person or company to whom you gave it as payment. If you lost the money order instead of giving it as payment, you may indicate that on the form. You may have to pay to track a money order, but the fee is usually small and submitted along with the form.

Tracking a money order may reveal that it was cashed and you may receive information about where and when it was cashed; you may also receive a copy of the front and back of the cashed money order. If you lost the money order or it was stolen, however, you may receive a refund after the tracking process is complete. The length of time you’ll have to wait to track a money order depends on the organization that sold it.


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Post 2

@Grivusangel -- Really? Seriously? Sounds like your landlady needs to get a clue! You don't do your renters that way if they're good to pay their rent in full and on time. Geez.

I had to track a money order to a credit card company. They said they hadn't received it. I sent it registered mail, return receipt requested, and got a signature they had received it, but that wasn't good enough. I had to track the darn thing, and sure enough, it was cashed. They had the money and had to shut up. I like it when I'm right and the credit card people are wrong. Makes my day!

Post 1

I'm glad you can track money orders! My landlady is kind of ditzy -- OK, really ditzy, and she called me asking me if I'd paid the rent! Well, I had. I started paying it by money order because she would hold the check for three weeks and forget to deposit it. Really? If you hold a check for hundreds of dollars, clearly, you don't need the money and shouldn't charge rent at all!

Anyway, she asked about the money order. I showed her the receipt, but she didn't "remember" cashing it. So, I put a trace on the money order, and sure enough, she cashed it two days after I gave it to her. As far as I was concerned

, the money was out of my account, she had the money order, and if she was out the money, it was on her, not me. Now, I take a quick photo of the money order made out to her on my phone, in case of more confusion. It hasn't happened again.

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