How do I Tone Flabby Thighs?

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Loss of muscle tone and weight gain can lead to flabby thighs. A sentient lifestyle combined with a diet of foods high in sugar and fat is often to blame. This usually occurs over a period of time, so correcting the problem also takes time, as well as some effort. In order to tone flabby thighs, a combination of exercise and a healthy diet is typically a sensible plan.

Strengthening the muscles of the thighs is the first step in toning them and giving them a firmer, more sculpted appearance. One way to achieve this is through weight training; some options include using machines for exercises such as leg presses, quadricep extensions, or leg curls. Free form exercises also give good results; some that are particularly effective for the thighs are squats, lunges, and kicks. Typically, around 10 to 12 repetitions of each exercise for two to three sets is sufficient to achieve good results. Workouts should occur two to three times per week, with time in between to allow the thigh muscles to rest.


Cardiovascular exercise is also important when toning flabby thighs. A good aerobic workout will not only help tone legs, but burn excess fat as well, which makes muscle tone more visible. There are numerous possible exercises that focus on the legs while also increasing the heart rate, such as running, cycling, and swimming. Exercising for at least a half hour to an hour per day, four to five days a week, is a good target. One should always take his or her current level of fitness into account when starting an exercise program; it may be necessary to start with shorter workouts and build up.

Eating a healthy diet is also key to toning the thighs. Even if the muscles of the thighs are firm, if they are covered in fat they will still appear flabby. To lose weight, a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish, and whole grains should be adopted. Processed foods and those high in fat or sugar should be consumed minimally or not at all. One should also make sure to drink plenty of water.

Rest is also important when trying to shape up flabby thighs. Allowing the muscles to have a break and recover is critical in between workouts, especially with strength training. Getting enough sleep is also vital, as it will help one keep up the energy needed for exercise.


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