How Do I Throw a Manicure Party?

Amanda R. Bell

Throwing a manicure party can be a good way to spend time with friends all while being pampered. To do so, you will first have to decide if you wish to go to a salon or bring a nail technician to another location. Then, send out invitations to those you wish to attend. When throwing a manicure party, it is often best to choose foods and drinks that will be easy to eat with slightly wet nails. Putting together small party favor bags that include manicure-related items can also be a good idea.

A person getting a manicure.
A person getting a manicure.

A manicure party can be thrown in two ways: inside or outside of a salon. Many nail salons and spas offer packages where you and your friends can have the party in a private section of the building. Most businesses offer different types of packages for a set amount of people, and, in some cases, may provide light refreshments. If you would like more freedom in how your party is run, you can hire one or more manicurists to come and provide nail treatments to you and your friends at your home or another location. You can either hire a freelance beautician or contact your local salon or spa and inquire as to whether any of the technicians would be interested.

A manicure done with artificial nails.
A manicure done with artificial nails.

Sending out fun, customized invitations to your potential guests can make the entire event feel more special. If you are working with a salon, the owner may have several different options from which you can choose. You can also visit a local printing company or a business that specializes in invitations. If you are especially artistic or good with computer design programs, you could design the invitations yourself. Send these out to your friends, letting them know the details, such as the date, time, and location, of your manicure party.

Food and drinks are a popular part of any get-together, although they can be more difficult with a manicure party. Avoid canned drinks, as these can be especially difficult to open with wet nails. A variety of appetizers that are served on a toothpick or skewer, such as fresh fruit or cheeses, shrimp, or other meats, can typically be easily eaten with freshly-painted nails. You can either prepare the food yourself, or contact a local catering company to provide the refreshments. If you decide on the latter, be sure to arrange it well in advance to ensure that everything is ready on time.

Small party favors for your guests to take home are a good idea when throwing a manicure party. You can put together bags containing one or two nail polish colors or small travel manicure sets. Taking a photo during the event and placing it in a frame for each guest can also be a good gift. If you are throwing your manicure party with the help of a salon, they may have packages that include gift sets for guests to take home.

Cotton wool pads are used to polish nails.
Cotton wool pads are used to polish nails.

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