How do I Study Biostatistics Online?

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There are four tasks required to study biostatistics online: find an online school, apply for admissions, pay the tuition fee, and complete the course work. Biostatistics is the process of collecting data from biological experiments and analyzing the results. This is a growing field of study within statistics, as more understanding is gained of larger patterns and trends in nature.

People who report the greatest satisfaction and success with biostatistics online programs enjoy working independently, are self-disciplined and detail-oriented. Online courses are completed by accessing the course lectures and notes using the Internet. Assignments are submitted electronically and tests are conducted on the computer.

The best way to find a biostatistics online program is to look at the online offerings available from large universities. Almost all biostatistics programs are either master's or doctoral degrees. Certificate programs are available from a limited number of schools, but they usually assume a minimal bachelor's degree education in statistics.

Admissions into a graduate degree biostatistics online program are based on the marks achieved in a bachelor's degree program. Most schools require an undergraduate degree in statistics, math, or biology as an application requirement. Applicants may be required to complete a personal interview with the program coordinator to determine their goals and suitability for distance learning.


Tuition fees for a biostatistics online degree are usually on an individual course basis, instead of a flat fee due at the beginning of each semester. This payment plan may help students manage their cash flow. Online course fees often include the textbook, course outline, and other materials. Accredited schools can offer students a wide range of student aid. It is important to note that the aid available is typically based on the number of courses the student is registered for in each school term.

The material in biostatistics online courses is a combination of audio recording of lectures, course readings, assignments, and research projects. Many online programs arrange discussion groups to help students connect and explore the course material in more depth. All materials are accessible via the Internet.

The courses required for this type of degree include advanced statistics, data management, calculus, biological statistics, and communication. People who enjoy social interaction as a learning method often find it difficult to complete online programs, due to the sense of isolation and lack of a formal community. Invest the time to reflect on your own personal learning style before committing to an online program.


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Post 2

@JaneAir - Not everyone is suited to self directed learning for sure. I think it might be a good idea for someone considering this to take a light courseload the first semester to see if online learning works for them. It would be awful to waste a whole semester's worth of tuition money only to find out you don't like online classes!

Post 1

Studying online definitely takes a lot of self discipline but I think it is well worth it. Online learning is extremely convenient especially if you are a working adult.

I have taken a lot of classes online and one thing that really helped me was to set aside a specific time to do work for a specific class. And also to keep on top of the work. It's really easy to let things slide when there's no one there making you do it!

I had a good friend that chose online learning because she's a mom so she wanted to be able to do her classes at home. In her case it ended up as a horrible disaster! She failed half her classes because she didn't manage her time wisely. The next semester she enrolled in in-person classes and did very well.

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