How do I Strengthen a Pharmaceutical Sales Resume?

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A successful pharmaceutical sales resume should reflect the specific position while also targeting the company and products involved. The resume should be updated regularly and individually adjusted according to all pharmaceutical sales jobs you apply for. This is vital to boost a pharmaceutical sales career. A standard, basic resume will not stand out among the hundreds of candidates applying for pharmaceutical sales jobs.

Grab the reader’s attention right away with an outstanding objective that shows you are the right person for that particular job. Create a fresh and focused objective that addresses the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical sales job you want. A successful pharmaceutical sales resume should include a detailed purpose that mirrors the position description. Employers typically list specific requirements when advertising a job. Use those details to your advantage when stating your objective.

If the job calls for any special abilities, list all training and experience that show you are able to perform those skills at a high level. Specifics are especially helpful here. Ideal skills for a pharmaceutical sales resume include above-average communication and persuasive abilities, clinical training, and administrative knowledge, such as finance and strategic sales.

Some pharmaceutical companies give preference to applicants with a background in healthcare, because it adds depth to your sales abilities. Product knowledge is vital to successful sales, so include information about items that you are especially familiar with. Knowing company and drug history can also add credence to a pharmaceutical sales resume.


Job-hunting and resume-writing experts suggest using key words that pop and focus on job descriptions. Make your pharmaceutical sales resume about the company you want to work for and not just about you. Although the details are yours, the presentation should focus on the potential employer and its products.

De-emphasize any negatives on your resume by focusing on the positives. Recruiters do not want to see job-hopping or unexplained gaps in experience. Arrange your history to show how it has improved your pharmaceutical sales career.

Focus on your personal accomplishments, and include details that will make you stand out from the crowd. Awards and promotions from previous jobs exemplify your value as an employee. The same is true for acknowledgments received while in school or as a member of a professional group or organization.

Never forget the basics when submitting a pharmaceutical sales resume. Proofreading and editing are vital to crafting an effective resume. Typos or spelling errors can be the quickest path to the “No” pile.

Include action verbs whenever possible to keep the reader engaged, and try to keep things balanced. Refrain from including every little detail of your life history, but provide plenty of information showing you are a good fit for the job. Look at your finished resume and make sure it has a pleasing appearance that is not overly crowded or confusing.


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