How do I Stop SMS Spam?

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Though it usually starts when you input your telephone information into a website, short message service (SMS) spam can be stopped in a few ways. You can block individual senders of SMS spam with your mobile carrier or block all messages sent from the Internet. If you have a smart phone, you can install mobile versions of anti-spam software. In extreme cases in which spam cannot be stopped using these methods, you can also change your telephone number as a last resort.

Blocking individual senders of spam is the most common way of getting rid of SMS spam once it has started. Some mobile phone carriers allow users to block and allow individual senders, ferreting out spam sources individually, while others will only allow users to block messages by origin, which lets you block any SMS messages sent from the Internet instead of another cell phone. This can block most SMS spam, but will also stop you from receiving text messages from your friends that were sent through an Internet SMS sender.


Use anti-spam software to bounce spam messages from smart phones. Newer generation smartphones can be equipped with software programs that filter spam messages from the user's text inbox, and some mobile carriers include this feature automatically. SMS spam is a particular problem on smart phones because it is possible the spam message is embedded with a virus that can infect the software on the smart phone. Software manufacturers that create anti-spam software designed to protect smart phone SMS users from viruses and spam include Kapersky® and Cloudmark®.

Junk mail sent via SMS is even a bigger problem than junk e-mail because the SMS messages can cost the person who receives them money. If the charges on your bill from SMS spam are a problem, many carriers allow you to remove these unwanted messages from your bill. You can notify your mobile carrier of spam messages by calling or emailing customer service. Keep track of any spam messages you receive so you can easily identify which SMS spam messages need to be removed from your bill.

The most effective way to stop SMS spam is to stop giving out your telephone number on the Internet. Sometimes, like when ordering pizza or flowers, it is necessary to give your contact information to a website. Other times, like when signing up for a newsletter or setting up your social networking profiles, you should opt out of entering your telephone number or enter a fake telephone number to avoid getting targeted by SMS spam programs. If you have already given out your phone number and cannot stop the ensuing spam messages, you may need to change your number and guard it carefully to avoid a repeat spam attack.


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