How Do I Stop Lip Biting?

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Lip biting can occur for a variety of reasons, and it is generally most effective to address all of the reasons for the habit when trying to get rid of it. It is vital to consider the consequences of the habit and the benefits of stopping to give yourself rational reasons to cease the problem. Most people who bite their lips do it as a nervous habit, so it is also important to address the stress that is leading to the behavior when attempting to stop it. Applying bad tasting substances to the lips can also aid in stopping a habitual lip biter. For severe problems, it may be necessary to seek medical or psychological attention or wear a lip guard to protect the lips from further damage.

The important thing to remember about stopping lip biting is that it is not an easy thing to do. It most likely took several years to develop this habit, so it is not going to disappear overnight. There is no magic pill or method that can make you stop biting your lip. Stay vigilant in stopping the habit as soon as you catch yourself doing it and be honest with yourself about the progress you are making in stopping it.


Understand the negative consequences that can come as a result of lip biting. This habit can have health consequences in addition to the obvious cosmetic consequences. An out-of-control habit can mean a chapped lip appearance, rough lip skin, and even small missing pieces of the lip skin surface. This habit can also progress until lip skin is raw, painful and bleeding. Raw and bleeding lips can place you at a greater risk of infection and illness.

An often overlooked consequence of habitually biting your lips is the way it looks to other people when you are biting your lips. Take some time in front of the mirror and carefully observe the gestures, faces, and noises you make when you bite your lips and consider how the process looks to an outsider. In a professional environment, uncontrolled habits like these can be a noticeable deterrent to promotions into positions that require a confident and pulled-together persona.

Keep lips well-moisturized with lipstick or lip balm. One popular method of combating lip biting is simply to wear a bad-tasting lip preparation. Sometimes, the simple sensation of having a substance on your lips can stop you from feeling compelled to bite them.

If your lip biting habit is particularly persistent, you can choose a lipstick or lip balm that is bad in flavor. Alternately, you can try putting plain moisturizing body lotion on your lips instead of lip balm. The lasting bitter flavor and oily consistency of the lotion should be enough to knock a moderate lip biting habit off track.


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