How do I Stop Child Support?

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Child support can be a financial difficulty that, in some cases, is unnecessary. If you want to stop child support, you must prove there is no reason for you to make regular payments to help fund the health and welfare of your child. This can happen in a number of ways, for example if the child turns a certain age or becomes independent. Also, you may be able to stop child support by winning custody of the child or proving that payments are unfair. The legality of these methods differ around the world and it is best to consult an attorney on what best fits your situation.

The most common way to stop child support payments is to have the child in question move in with you. In many cases you must also be given full custody of the child in order to stop paying child support. If you do not currently have custody of the child, you will need to go to court and prove that your living situation is more beneficial to the child's health and well-being than his or her current situation.


Another way to stop child support payments is to wait until the child turns a specific age. This method differs widely because, in the United States for example, each state has a different rule on what age a child no longer needs support. Commonly, age 18 is the point you can stop making payments, though some states go as high as 21. If the child is enrolled in school, this age can be as high as 23.

A child claiming his or her independence is another way to stop child support. This can happen in many different ways, but usually requires a court date for the child to prove this independence. A child moving out on his or her own and holding a job is a major reason many parents no longer need to pay support. When a child marries, child support payments, in most states, can legally stop. Also, if a child joins the armed forces, he or she is no longer entitled to child support payments.

Finally, you can attempt to prove you are paying unfair child support in court. This will require an attorney and physical evidence, like the cost of living for your child and his or her guardian, along with your own expenses. Often, you can stop child support if you are able to prove the amount you are currently paying is unreasonable.


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What if I have lost my job or my income is much lower than what it used to be? Can I apply for the child support payments to be stopped? Is it a very difficult process?

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