How Do I Start an eBay® Franchise?

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To start an eBay® franchise, a potential entrepreneur can search for existing companies that provide these franchise opportunities. Many of these companies can be found online by conducting a search for eBay® franchisees. These franchise companies allow individuals to start an eBay® franchise for a certain amount of start-up capital and provide them with a store location, software and supplies needed to run the business. Franchisees are responsible for operating the business on a day to day basis and complying with all franchise rules and regulations.

An eBay® franchise operates under the premise that individuals will bring in goods that they wish to sell on the eBay® website. They may not have the necessary experience and time to list the items with eBay® themselves. If there are not enough customers bringing in suitable goods for sale, the idea to start an eBay® franchise should be reconsidered. The role of an eBay® franchise owner is to photograph and list the customers' items, ship them to the winning bidder, collect a commission from the sale and send the net proceeds to the customer.


Research and preparation are essential for anyone who wants to start an eBay® franchise. It is important to gather facts related to potential profitability, store location, typical operating costs, franchise fees and what type of support is given to franchise owners. Some of the available franchises emphasize marketing to local communities, while others take a more international approach. Examining the history of the available eBay® franchise companies is also crucial, including financial stability, success rates, and experiences of current and past franchisees.

Once research on the available companies that offer eBay® franchises is conducted, a potential franchise owner will need to select one of those companies. Most of them have online contact forms where future owners can express an interest in the opportunity. The forms will typically ask for basic contact information, in addition to when the franchise is expected to be bought and the amount of capital that is available. Most franchises require the equivalent of at least $25,000 US Dollars (USD) to start an eBay® franchise.

Each franchise opportunity will have its own reward system as well as requirements. Once the franchise is purchased, it is up to the franchise owner to assume full responsibility for the store's daily operations. The owner needs to be prepared to market the store in order to drive business, although many franchise companies offer some type of marketing support in the form of web based and traditional advertising campaigns. It is also important that owners become trained on all of the computer systems that the franchise requires, including the eBay® site.


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