How do I Send a Mass SMS?

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Instant messaging has become a widely used feature on cell phones. Short message service (SMS) is the primary service that provides instant messaging on these portable devices. A mass SMS message is a message that can go to thousands of cell phone customers simultaneously. To send this type of SMS message, an individual will typically need to a computer with special software provided by smart phone providers.

The SMS message format is specific for telecommunication devices that support the SMS protocol. An SMS message is considered an asynchronous message because it is sent without acknowledgement of being received. This protocol was created by the GSM corporation in 1984.

There are many commercially available software versions of mass SMS available. These software packages provide an efficient means of managing and tracking large volumes of SMS messages. Most advertising companies use this type of software to manage advertising campaigns. This software provides the tools necessary to track and monitor the successful transmission of large volumes of instant messages.

Most large political organizations use mass SMS technology to spam constituents within a specific jurisdictional regarding their political candidate. Because instant messaging has become the new medium for communication, especially with younger voters, campaign managers are using this technology to their benefit. This technique provides one of the fastest ways to access thousands of potential voters.


There are many freeware versions of mass SMS software available on the Internet. This software provides a moderate level of management and reporting for instant messaging traffic. Free software typically does not include any support or maintenance.

Mass SMS is the new spam for cell phones. This is quickly become a nuisance for many smart phone users because they are receiving unsolicited text messages. New applications are becoming available for smart phones that will allow the blocking of mass SMS messages. This will provide a filter for instant messages that will only enable instant messages from known individuals.

SMS messages are typically charged to the sender and receiver of the message. This dual cost is extremely lucrative for telecommunication providers because they get paid twice for each message. Mass SMS is typically sold at bulk rates to advertising companies. This is less expensive for advertising companies but generally considered unfair to most smart phone owners, who are paying for these unsolicited messages.


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