How do I Sell Insurance?

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One of the best ways to sell insurance starts with the agent’s presence and making himself more visible in the community. Presenting a seminar is a good way to get attention. Locate a small restaurant or facility that can accommodate a good number of people and send out invitations for a free lunch or a desert party. This method will involve an investment because on a 5,000-piece mailing list you may only receive a 1 to 2 percent response, and you have meal costs. That payment however can have some good trade offs, however. Those people that do show up at your seminar will be more interested, and therefore more likely to buy.

While cold calling is a common approach, insurance salesmen are often on the look out for more innovative and successful practices. Typically, this requires that the seller go where the clients go. If you sell medical insurance, calling medical clinics to arrange a morning visit armed with boxes of treats and coffee can help. Talking to the nurses, assistants, transcriptionists, or other employees may help get them to recommend some of their patients to you. Passing out pens or other promotional items for employees to use and distribute is another way to get your name and your product's name out there.


Another way to sell insurance is to set up a booth at a trade show or community event. Make sure your table is easy to recognize, orderly and clean. A bowl of free candy or other freebies can help draw people over. Once you have someone's attention, be sure to be personable while describing and selling your product well. Introduce others to your business by passing out literature and having a drawing for door prizes. Create “sign up for more information” cards and have a box available with a slot for private responses. If the calendar is light on events, see if you can man an information booth during the open enrollment period at your local stores or other heavily trafficked areas like shopping malls.

Creating tailored postcards is another creative approach to selling insurance. By sending these postcards to people more likely to buy the type of insurance you are selling, you'll increase your sales possibilities. You will have to buy targeted mailing lists but the return cards can help the success of this venture. Follow-up calls can help increase your chance of selling to potential buyers who are still on the fence.

Another way to sell insurance is by joining groups and making yourself known in the community. Your membership in a rotary club, book group, religious groups or other community organizations allows you to network with your contemporaries. Make a good impression on them and word of mouth can increase your connection to their family and friends who may be interested in your services. Volunteer programs are another way to increase your visibility which can help you sell insurance, all the while doing something good for yourself and your community.


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