How Do I Replace a Washing Machine Door Seal?

C. Daw

When replacing a washing machine door seal, the first step that should always be taken is to ensure that safety procedures are followed. Once the washer is turned off, the seal within the door needs to be located, along with the particular locking device that has been installed. Taking the seal out is an easy procedure that usually only requires the use of a flat screwdriver or a small pry bar since it does not matter if it gets damaged or not. Finally, replacing the new washing machine door seal and the locking mechanism is a matter or reversing the previous steps, but being careful so that the new one is not damaged.

A washing machine.
A washing machine.

Safety always comes first when doing any kind of project, even when it is a task as simple as this one. Turn off the power supply to the machine by flipping the breaker that supplies the source. Tape the fuse and mark it so that others in the area know not to turn it back on. After the power is disconnected, the water needs to be turned off. This can simply be done at the top of the hoses by using the valves that should be attached to the wall.

Begin this task by taking the door off of the machine, allowing easier access to the seal and the ring. A hex key, or screwdriver, will be needed to remove the hinges from the door. Take these off from the door, leaving them attached to the machine itself. Place the door on a solid surface so that the washing machine door seal can be replaced without having to deal with any obstacles.

The washing machine door seal is usually a pliable rubber piece that moves with the vibrations of the unit, allowing it to contain the water inside of the drum but stopping any moisture from getting out by forming an air tight seal when the door is closed. A ring that is placed around the edge of it is usually all that holds it into place, or there may be a small locking mechanism somewhere around the edges on the inner portion of the seal and the door. Either way, before the actual seal can be removed the locking ring or mechanism has to be removed. If it is a ring, a basic flat screwdriver or small flat bar can be used to pry it out. If it is a locking mechanism, simply analyze it to see how it works and unlock and remove it.

Once the locking mechanism has been removed, it is an easy process to pry the old seal out. Simply use the flat tool that is handy and press it firmly underneath the washing machine door seal and use it as a lever. Pry downward, or upward depending on the location of the tool, and remove one section of the seal at a time. It is not necessary to be careful when doing this procedure because it is going to be thrown away anyway, so do whatever is necessary to get it out, even cutting it in half if needed.

The disassembly process should now be completed so the new washing machine door seal can now be inserted. Begin at one edge of it and slowly work it into place, making sure not to damage the rubber, otherwise the new seal will be as ineffective as the old one was. Replace the locking mechanism that was taken off and then turn the water and power back on. It is now a good idea to fill the tub up with water and watch as it agitates to ensure that the seal has seated into place properly.

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