How Do I Rent a Trumpet?

M.C. Huguelet

Buying a trumpet can be a big investment, making rental a good option for beginning players who are unsure whether they will take a liking to being a trumpeter. If you want to rent a trumpet, it can be helpful to begin by seeking rental company recommendations from a music instructor or experienced trumpeter. Then, think about how long you would like to rent a trumpet for and whether prospective companies offer a rent-to-own option. Finally, you may also want to compare the cost of rental to that of purchasing a used instrument, particularly if you already have some experience playing the trumpet.

Traditional music shops may offer instruments for rent, including trumpets.
Traditional music shops may offer instruments for rent, including trumpets.

In addition to traditional music shops, trumpet rental is also available through a large number of Internet-based companies. If you have had no prior experience with instrument rental, it can be difficult to know which companies are reliable and which offer the best value. Therefore, before you rent a trumpet, it can be useful to get advice from your trumpet instructor or a trumpet-playing friend. Ask whether she can recommend a particular rental company and whether she thinks certain trumpet brands are more suitable for beginners than others. To ensure that you do not end up paying more than necessary for your rental, find out what an average rental rate should be.

Armed with this preliminary information, you can begin contacting prospective rental companies. Many companies offer rentals in three-month intervals, so you will likely need to think about how long you intend to rent a trumpet for. You may also want to find out whether a company offers a flexible rental term in case your plans change. Further, if you imagine that you will eventually want to purchase a trumpet, you should consider renting from a company that offers a rent-to-own option. Normally, in a rent-to-own system, the rental payments you have made are deducted from the purchase price of your instrument at the conclusion of your rental period.

Finally, keep in mind that in some situations, purchasing a used instrument can be a better bargain than renting a trumpet. This may be particularly true if you have prior experience playing the trumpet and feel fairly certain that you will remain committed to the instrument for more than a few months. In this case, the price you will pay to rent a trumpet over many months or even years can greatly exceed the cost of purchasing a used instrument.

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