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The Graduate Record Examination® (GRE®) is the most common test for graduate school that prospective students take. Most liberal arts and sciences programs accept GRE® exam scores as part of a prospective student's application. There are three GRE® formats: computer-based, paper-based and split-test administration. To register for the GRE® you first should check to see which format is offered in your area, after which you can register online, over the telephone, by fax or through the mail. You must pay a fee to register for the GRE®, and you will receive a voucher within a few weeks that will allow you to schedule a time to take the test.

If you wish to register for the GRE®, you should consult the administrator of the exam, Educational Testing Service (ETS). The official website for ETS provides information regarding which types of test formats are available in a location. A majority of areas administer the GRE® in the computer-based form. In areas where computer-based testing is not available, a paper-based format is offered. China, Korea and Taiwan are examples of places where split-test administration is offered.


The official website for ETS allows you to select your location to see which test format is offered in your area. After the correct format is determined, you can register for the GRE® online, by phone or by mail. Computer-based test takers can search for an available test location in their area through the official website for ETS. Available test dates and times at a number of test locations can be viewed prior to confirming registration. To register for the GRE® online, a major credit or debit card is required for payment.

Registration for a computer-based GRE® exam in the United States also can be completed over the phone by contacting a specific test center directly or by calling the proper toll-free number. Exam candidates can also download and mail in a completed Authorization Voucher Request Form. Within four weeks, a voucher should be received with instructions on how to schedule a test appointment.

For applicants who reside outside of the United States, registration can be completed online, by telephone, fax or mail. An International Test Scheduling Form must be sent to the appropriate Regional Registration Center if you are registering by fax or mail. Several methods of payment are permitted, including credit or debit cards.

To register for the GRE® in the paper-based format, complete an online or mail based registration form. Instructions for both methods are available by contacting ETS. Payment by major credit or debit card is not available to test-takers who reside in Nigeria for either format.


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