How do I Quit Smoking Marijuana?

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There is not a substitute for marijuana available, which means that if a person wishes to quit smoking marijuana, he will have to do so without medical assistance. Instead, experts have found a large success rate among candidates who are willing to change their lifestyles and avoid situations where marijuana is available. Support from peers and family also plays a crucial role in the overall process involved when a person wishes to quit smoking marijuana, as does finding other activities to replace the experiences of getting high. Realizing and sharing the long-term health effects are also helpful to encourage a person to quit smoking marijuana.

Perhaps the first step to quit smoking marijuana is to sever all ties with that type of lifestyle, which unfortunately, could mean limiting contact with friends and associates who still actively use that or any type of drug. Many people admit that their marijuana habit began when socializing with certain groups of people, and eliminating that contact is often all that many will require to quit smoking marijuana. Others will require additional steps to completely eliminate the habit, and experts have found that physical activities such as running, biking, or team sports benefit marijuana smokers in two distinct ways. Not only does the exercise increase their breathing capacity and their overall health, but the act of physical activity also serves as an excellent way to occupy time.


Positive reinforcement is also a crucial aspect when someone hopes to quit smoking marijuana, and a person’s friends and family will play a very important role throughout the rehabilitation process. A common mistake made by supporters is to argue the merits against using illegal drugs—instead, it is much more helpful to focus on the positive aspects of being drug-free. Things like planning family activities, taking vacations, and changing the drug user’s daily lifestyle all contribute to his goal to quit smoking marijuana, but at the same time, each change should be implemented in moderation.

The main thing to remember when trying to quit smoking marijuana is that everyone makes mistakes. People setting forward on this path will often give into temptation and face plenty of setbacks, but each day is a new start to making smart decisions. No matter how many times a poor choice is made, it is important to remember the long-term aspects of being drug-free far outweigh a few hours of pleasure. Professional support is also available for free by several government and volunteer agencies.


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nothing to it. I haven't smoked in a month and i used to smoke damn near hourly. I'm just easily annoyed. It wasn't really a big deal and i still hang with the same friends.

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