How Do I Promote New Hair Growth?

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There are a few proactive steps that you can take to help remedy thinning hair strands. To promote new hair growth, you will have to take care of your scalp, the base of all present and future hair growth. Make sure that the scalp is clean with the right shampoo, and that the hair is being conditioned with the right conditioner. Cranial massages and following a healthy diet can help promote new hair growth as well.

Healthy hair starts with shampoo and hair conditioner. The shampoo and conditioner should be pH balanced without colorants and additives that can stunt hair growth. Replace your shampoo with one that is sulfate-free, as sulfate is a chemical that will disrupt normal hair function. Hair that is prone to damage and breakage should be regularly treated with a moisturizing conditioner that has a thicker consistency.

Massage the shampoo onto the hair and scalp. Cranial massages will stimulate blood flow onto the scalp, promoting new hair growth. Make sure to apply conditioners on the tip of the hair while avoiding the scalp area. Conditioners can create a film on the scalp, where bacteria can take hold and fester.


Once done with cleansing the hair and scalp, be careful of hot styling tools. Do not use excessive heat, making sure that the temperature on flat irons and curling irons are at an appropriate temperature. Applying a styling product before using a heating tool will help to protect the hair. Excessive heat can cause split ends, which can hinder your ability to retain hair length. Split ends will travel up the hair shaft, causing excessive shedding.

Following a balanced diet will also help to promote new hair growth from the inside. A variety of lean meats, fruits, and vegetables are keys to a healthy head of hair. Make sure to consume a proper amount of calories, as a large caloric deficit or a cycle of dieting and then binging can affect the hair cycle, which can result in excessive hair shedding.

A number of foods are known to promote new hair growth. The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon help to promote growth by warding off scalp dryness. Consuming green vegetables that are rich in vitamins A and C will help regulate sebum production. Eating a handful of nuts from time to time that are rich in selenium and zinc is known to slow down hair shedding. In addition, lean meats, like chicken, are full of proteins that can help strengthen hair.


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Post 5

There are all sorts of products on the market today that can aid in hair health. I recommend products like Nioxin and Reloxe for healthy hair.

Post 4

@OeKc05 – I have taken vitamins for hair growth, but I think that eating natural foods that contain them is far more effective. Like you, I enjoy salmon and veggies, and I would rather eat something that grew from the ground than something made in a laboratory.

I know that fruits and veggies are full of antioxidants. These help keep your scalp moisturized, so your hair doesn't break off as easily.

One vitamin found in whole grains and eggs is particularly helpful for stimulating hair growth. Vitamin B5 helps the body absorb more nutrients and vitamins, so your hair winds up benefiting from it.

Post 3

Since I started eating fish twice a week and spinach salad for lunch every day, my hair has begun to look healthier. It seems shinier than before, and I don't find as much of it in the shower drain as I once did.

I like to eat broiled salmon glazed in brown sugar, butter, and honey. I'm happy to know that this delicious meal is helping my hair.

Spinach is just full of vitamins. I know that eating a bowl of it with salad dressing every day is doing a lot of good things for my body, and improving the health of my hair is one of the major ones.

Post 2

Since I have started taking steps to prevent damage to my hair, it has grown more quickly. I used to zap it with the hair dryer on high heat and maximum speed, and I cranked up the setting on the curling iron, thinking that the extra heat would make it curl faster.

Now, I use a heat activated conditioning spray on my wet hair before blow drying. I use low speed and the warm setting, and though it takes longer, my hair's condition has improved because of it.

I have found out that a lower heat setting on a curling iron will work just as well as a high one, if I give it enough time to heat up before using it. My curling iron has fifteen settings, and I put it on number five. I only have to hold it in place for seven seconds to get the desired amount of curl.

Post 1

This article is very informative. I had no idea that conditioner could promote bacteria! I will definitely not be using it anywhere near my roots anymore.

I have fairly short hair, so I usually slather the conditioner across all of it. I am looking forward to growing my hair out, so I will just put it on the very ends from now on.

I have seen split ends near the tips of my strands, but I did not know they could travel up and break off. This explains why I often lose hairs of different lengths.

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