How do I Prepare for the Driving Instructor Test?

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A driving instructor test is a process that is usually comprised of three separate parts. The driving theory test, driving test, and instructional ability test are all needed in order to become a licensed driving instructor, and you must be prepared for each part. Additional requirements may also be needed depending on your location.

Before you can take part one of the driving instructor test, you will need to be given a background check. This can take between six and eight weeks to complete, so use this time to read up on driving theory and get ready for the first part of your exam. Driving theory involves rules and laws, traffic signs, parking rules, and other everyday aspects of driving on public roadways.

You generally have an unlimited number of attempts for part one of the driving instructor test, with each attempt often spaced two weeks apart. There is usually a wait period between parts one and two, and parts two and three, sometimes of about six to eight weeks. This means that aggressive study during this time is generally unnecessary. You should probably study a little every week leading up to each part of the test to ensure that facts are not forgotten during the wait period.


Part two of the driving instructor test is the driving portion of the exam. This will require that you drive a car with a licensed instructor sitting in the passenger seat to grade your skills. Passing this portion of the test will require that you follow all traffic laws carefully. A limited number of attempts may be allotted for this section of the test are given. If you fail more than the allowed number, you must start the process over, in some cases waiting two years from the date you passed section one.

The instructional ability portion of the test comes next. An instructor will again go out with you in a car, but this time you will show him your ability to instruct others. The instructor will be playing the role of a student, and you will instruct him on how to drive. This part of the driver instructor test can also be taken a limited number of times. If you fail on your third attempt, you may be required to wait two years from the date you passed section one.

In order to take the driver instructor test, you must pass your background check as well as a check for general health. You must have passable eyesight, meaning that you can read the license plate numbers on a car several feet in front of you. Other requirements include having a valid driver's license for a specified number of years without having it revoked during that time.


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Post 2

I still think learning with someone professional is a better idea than from your parents. Then the parents don't have to feel pressured to get the child through the test. It took me four tries, but I eventually made it through with a mixture of parental help in between lessons and instructor lessons.

I think parents can sometimes give the kids bad habits that do no good when the examiner comes to marking you on the test. Procedures and safety really should be learned by a professional institution.

Post 1

Take it from someone who failed this driving lessons test twice, you will do best if you get your nerves under control and don't stress about the test in advance. When you are upset about the test before you even get in the vehicle with the instructor, you will have a hard time concentrating on the road and the driving rules.

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