How Do I Prepare for a Medical Technologist Exam?

Amy Rodriguez

Preparing for a medical technologist exam should entail studying key textbooks, taking practice tests, and reviewing exam content guidelines through study guides. In the United States, depending on the state of residence, a newly graduated medical technologist must take a certification exam to be able to practice within this health care profession. This certification also helps to attract employers as a distinctive achievement on your resume.

Aspiring medical technologists should seek out online tutorials and practice tests far in advance of the exam.
Aspiring medical technologists should seek out online tutorials and practice tests far in advance of the exam.

Unlike medical technicians, medical technologists must earn a bachelor's degree in medical technology. The technologist performs tests on bodily fluids or tissues to determine a patient's ailment, so he or she must have great attention to detail, as well as a solid understanding of biology, chemistry, and clinical research. The medical technologist exam certifies that those who pass can apply their schooling in a laboratory setting.

One step to preparing for a medical technologist exam is studying your college textbooks. Most students highlight key points throughout their books; you should read the highlighted portions of all of your science textbooks, especially those that are specifically related to medical technology. You can also write notes on a separate piece of paper to solidify your knowledge of the key points.

Exam administrators normally have practice tests available, either online or in paper form. A proactive student should take several practice tests to become familiar with the format; the medical technologist exam is mainly multiple choice, so practicing the art of elimination is a key skill. You can learn to eliminate certain answers from each multiple choice question so that only one or two are left to choose between.

In addition to practice tests, many administrators offer specific study guides to familiarize students with the content of the exam. To prepare for the medical technologist exam, students should compare the content of the study guide to that of the textbook. The information will be easier to recall during the exam if the same ideas are reinforced in different forms.

Prior to the exam, you should make sure to sleep well the night before, as well as eat a healthy breakfast. It is not good practice to study all the information the night before; your body and mind will be too tired to assimilate and apply the theories for the exam. A progressive studying process over several days will more likely lead to a successful exam result.

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