How do I Prepare a Proper English Breakfast?

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Preparing a proper English breakfast is not difficult. It simply requires specific items to be included on the menu to ensure that it is considered the true and proper English early morning meal. A proper English breakfast will offer a number of courses, served separately and at a leisurely pace. Preparing these courses will include offering fresh juice or fruit as a starter, followed by a substantial breakfast course of cereal or porridge. The cereal or porridge precedes a serving of eggs and some type of meat, and the meal will traditionally conclude with tea and toast with marmalade.

Offering a fresh fruit of some kind is standard as the first course of an English breakfast. This fresh fruit can be served in the form of freshly squeezed juice. Another popular offering for this course is sectioned grapefruit, which is either broiled or covered with raw sugar to sweeten it. Stewed prunes are also a favorite among many.

Preparations for the second course of an English breakfast can be as simple as offering a standard cold corn cereal. Some, however, prefer a porridge or hot oatmeal as the second course. This cereal course is one that can tend to be overlooked, as the next course is a hearty one.


The third course is a savory one. Eggs are offered, either fried or scrambled or often both, along with a meat. The common choice for the meat is fried bacon. Along with the bacon and eggs, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms are a popular side dish, lending the savory quality to this course.

The last course of the meal is often regarded as the truly English part of the meal, as it is tea and toast. A proper English breakfast will always serve marmalade along with the toast. Though jams are also served, it is marmalade that carries with it the longstanding English tradition.

The proper English breakfast stands on tradition and ceremony. Although many restaurants and hotels will offer this fare buffet style, presenting a proper English Breakfast requires serving each course separately and in a leisurely manner. English breakfasts are expected to be a time when guests or family members relax and enjoy time and conversation.

The tradition of the full English breakfast originated in the rural regions of England. Those working the land needed a full and fortifying breakfast to prepare them for a long day of hard labor in the outdoors. Today's English breakfast is still a hearty one, leaving anyone who partakes of it full and satisfied.


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Post 3

Sorry, but a decent full English breakfast is cereal, bacon, eggs, sausage, fried tomatoes (not roasted), black pudding, mushrooms, baked beans and lots of toast. Marmalade or jam for extra toast and gallons of tea.

Serving "eggs either fried or scrambled or often both." No. It's either fried or scrambled but never both at the same time.

Post 2

Ironically, the only time that I have has a proper English breakfast was when I was on a British Airways flight to Scotland. I then lived in Scotland for another 6 months and did not have an English breakfast ever again.

It was not because I did not like them, it's just that it never really came up. I was making my own breakfasts and I just ate what I always ate back in the states.

Post 1

I love a traditional English breakfast and I wish that they were more common on American breakfast menus.

A lot of people think that they sound gross when they first hear about them but once you try one you are hooked. Eggs and baked beans might seem gross but it turns out to be amazing. I think a lot more people would like them and want to eat them at restaurants if they would just try them once.

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