How do I Plan a Destination Wedding?

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Planning a destination wedding should be done as far ahead as possible to allow guests who would like to attend time to save money and plan vacation from work or school. If you're going to have wedding planning steps put together at the destination before you get there, it's important to work with people you trust to get the job done. As for choosing the destination itself, this is a decision that should be made together by the couple.

There are several interesting ways of picking the right geographical place to hold a wedding. One of the most obvious ones is to hold a destination wedding where a couple first met, especially if it was in a foreign country or romantic setting. Another approach is to pick a place in the world where both people have always wanted to go to, but haven't been yet. Choosing a geographic location by pointing randomly at a map is an adventurous way of picking a wedding spot.


Budget should be your next consideration once you have picked the wedding location. Destination weddings often have a large amount of the budget devoted to major transportation such as airfare as well as local limousine service to and from the actual wedding event. It's often considered proper etiquette for the couple to pay for the transportation of those in their wedding party, so this can greatly increase the expense. Since a destination wedding is often on a beach or other more casual location, money may be saved on clothing for the event. Many couples save money on destination weddings by forgoing a separate honeymoon.

Within the budget for the wedding, the travel expenses, accommodation, venue, food, music and all of the other components of the event should be planned out carefully. Especially when making deals with vendors long distance, getting everything in writing, including receipts for any deposits, is crucial. Having money saved for returning home after the destination wedding is also important to start life together as a married couple.

When planning a destination wedding, a package deal that includes everything down to the licenses may be able to be found from certain resorts. It's best to deal with a travel agent and/or get honest reviews of the resort so you're not disappointed with the accommodations or amenities when you arrive. If you're considering booking a wedding deal directly with a resort, ask for — and check — references from couples who were married there.


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Post 3

I went to a friend's wedding in Jamaica and it was amazing. They got married right on the beach at the sunset and it could not have been a more beautiful scene.

It was great too because I had been wanting to go on vacation someplace warm and this ended up being the best vacation I could have asked for. All of the planning was taken care of for me, all of my close friends were there and the natural energy of the wedding meant that everyone was excited and optimistic the whole time. The wedding made everything better.

Post 2

I am getting married in about a year and a half and my fiance and I have though a lot about having a destination wedding. One of the problems that we have run in to though is figuring out how to plan for a wedding in a foreign country.

How do we find an officiant, how do we secure catering, do we need a marriage license or some other kind of permit? All of the hassles that go in to planning a wedding just get amplified when you try to do them in a foreign country.

Post 1

A destination wedding can be a great way to take advantage of exotic locations and foreign scenery as a backdrop for your nuptials. But it is important to take into account all the cost and hassle that goes into having a destination wedding.

Basically it is a huge burden on your guests. They will have to secure air travel, lodging, take time off of work and deal with all the hassles of traveling internationally. This does not mean that you should not go on a destination wedding, but you have to be conscious of how much you are asking of your guests.

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