How Do I Organize a Beach-Themed Party?

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A beach-themed party can be a lot of fun for kids or adults, and it is a fairly easy party to organize. Most people host beach-themed parties outdoors in the warmer months, but it can be fun to have an indoor beach-themed party in the dead of winter as well. The decorations are important for this type of party; if hosting it outdoors, lighted torches, comfortable chairs and colorful umbrellas and beach towels are easy decorative options. There are plenty of Hawaiian themed decorations to be purchased at party stores as well, to give the party more of a luau theme.

Inflatable palm trees, colorful streamers, and leis made of paper flowers are also great options for a beach-themed party. Even just inflating some beach balls and tossing them around can be decorative. Stringing up colored lights is also a great way to give the party a beachy feel, and there are many different options available now that can be ordered online or located in stores. If the party is for children, handing out party favors in small beach buckets can be a great idea that kids will love. Inexpensive novelty sunglasses or beach toys can make fun party favors.


Hosting a party at a backyard pool can be a lot of fun, but if the location doesn't have one, getting a few kiddie pools and filling them with water can often be just as fun for younger kids. For parents who really want to go further with the theme, a sandbox can also be a fun addition to a beach-themed party for kids. If beach pails and toys were handed out as party favors, this also gives kids an opportunity to amuse themselves and pass the time. It is typically still a good idea to plan a few games, though, to make sure to direct kids' attention.

The food is also important when planning a beach-themed party. Grilled foods such as hot dogs and hamburgers are popular; if the party will be outdoors, a bonfire with roasted marshmallows or s'mores can be fun as well. Finger foods make the best choices for snacks. Fruity punch, made with fruit juices, or with actual cut fruit floating in it, is a popular choice; at a party for adults, alcohol can be added as well. A cake decorated with candy seashells or with waves drawn in icing can complete the beach theme. Naturally, inviting the guests to wear swimsuits is will complete the mood.


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Post 3

If you want to have a beach party but you are not anywhere close to the beach you really need to concentrate on the details. Obviously you can't fill a backyard with sand so you have to figure out other things which remind people of the beach even if there is not a drop of salt water around.

I have had a few beach parties and I give all my guests leis, I play Hawaiian music, I serve grilled pork with pineapple and we drink pina coladas out of coconut shells. It is not exactly the same as being in Maui but it feels like it comes close.

Post 2

I have been wanting to have a beach party but I can't really figure out what kind of food to serve. What would you consider beach food?

I have thought about burgers and hot dogs, or an entire pig, or BBQ or maybe shrimp and other kinds of seafood. But for some reason all of these choices seem a little off to me. Has anyone had a beach party in the past? What kind of food did you serve. Maybe I just need to set out pineapples and coconuts.

Post 1

I don't think that any beach themed party is complete without at least a few inflatable beach balls to throw around. What feels more like the beach than a beach ball?

I live in Florida but away from the coast so we are always thinking about the beach even if we can't see it out of our back doors. We have thrown a few beach themed parties in our backyard and they have always been a hit. Everyone dresses down, grills out and sends the beach ball into the air whenever it happens to land close to them.

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