How do I Order Xanax&Reg; Online?

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The question of how to order Xanax® online raises very serious issues, especially for those people who are US citizens. The simple answer is that people can buy this drug on many online sites, which will walk the customer through the process. The trouble is that it may be distinctly illegal to buy Xanax® online unless a person has a prescription. Some of these sites may offer “doctor consults” or prescriptions on demand, which do absolutely nothing to protect the health of the person ordering the medication and are deemed illegal in the US.

It’s valuable to understand that Xanax® (alprazolam) is a controlled substance, designated a Schedule IV drug by the United States government. Though effective in relieving anxiety, it is highly addictive. Sudden withdrawal from the drug can lead to seizures, and overuse more quickly leads to dependence.

Prescriptions of this medication are regulated by the US government, and must comply with their rules. In most cases in order to get this medication people must be seen in an office by a physician, which means seeing someone locally to obtain a prescription for a single month. The US doesn’t recognize a prescription as legal if prescribed by an online site. While it may be possible to use a prescription from a licensed physician to order Xanax® online, there may be no cost benefit in doing so, and it may not be the reason people are searching to obtain online drugs.

The US charges people with crimes if they are caught importing drugs. Typically most websites that would allow people to buy Xanax® online are located outside of the US. There are very strict laws regarding the importation of controlled substances into the US. A practitioner who is licensed with the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) must create any prescription, and any prescription filled must be filled by a company registered with the DEA. What this means is that controlled substances sent by non DEA-registered companies to a person’s home are by nature illegal in the US.

The other thing people must seriously question if they want to order Xanax® online is whether they are getting the real thing. It’s difficult to tell where the drugs are coming from and whether or not the company selling them is actually selling genuine medication. There is no guarantee this is the case, though there certainly are legitimate pharmacies online. However, anyone willing to ship Xanax® to the US without a valid prescription must be scrutinized, since they are breaking the law. This could mean paying high prices for worthless or possibly dangerous medications.

Basically, there are very few ways to legally order Xanax® online if a person resides in the US. It’s suggested instead that people speak with a local doctor about medications that could prove helpful. If Xanax® addiction is a problem, doctors can be of great assistance in recommending places to get help.

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Anyone thinking about ordering Xanax online should have a serious talk with his or her physician. While this drug can be beneficial in certain circumstances for various medical problems, it should only be used under the direct supervision of a trusted doctor.

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