How do I Make Pom Poms?

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Cheerleading pom poms can be ordered from a number of manufacturers, but it is also very easy to make pom poms for those feeling crafty or on a budget. The easiest and cheapest method requires the purchase of trash bags. Luckily, trash bags come in a variety of colors now, so it’s possible to find some to match each school, but white and black can be used in place of hard to acquire colors. Approximately ten trash bags are needed to make a standard sized pom pom.

Gathering the appropriate supplies is the first task needed to make pom poms. After the trash bags a re purchased, scissors and electrical, masking, or duct tape should be rounded up. Find a flat surface that is easy to cut on, but try to stay away from floors or carpet so they are not damage by the extensive cutting about to ensue. Stack the ten trash bags up, making sure they are even. Use the scissors to cut any extraneous pieces such as a handle tie, and even up the edges.


Now it’s time to fold. While being careful to keep the trash bags properly aligned and stacked, fold the bags in half so that the long edges meet. On the side without the fold, beginning cutting strips that end about halfway up to the folded edge. The fullness of each pom pom is determined by the width of strips, so cut narrower strips to make pom poms that are extra full, and thicker strips to make pom poms that are not so full. When strips have been cut along the entire edge, fold the bags again, but this time fold them in the other direction so that the original top of the bag meets the original bottom of the bag. Keeping the bags aligned, grip the folded side and scrunch it all together.

Using the electrical tape, or whatever other tape that was selected, wrap the scrunched end all the way to the point at which the bag splits into strips. This is now the handle. To fluff the pom pom, a few strips at a time should be placed between both hands and gently but quickly rolled and rubbed. This will cause the strips to crinkle a bit and will provide maximum fluff for the pom poms. When more fluff is desired, more time should be spent rubbing until the desired effect is achieved.


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If you want to know how to make pom poms out of yarn, to put on hats or for your kids to play with, it's pretty easy. It's the kind of craft you can do with your kids although you will need to supervise the younger ones.

Just cut a pair of rings out of cardboard and wind some yarn around them, going through the middle each time so you are covering the ring without closing the hole.

Go as long as you can, until the hole is almost filled with yarn.

Then cut the wool along the edge of the ring until you reach the cardboard. Pass a piece of yarn between the two bits of cardboard and pull it tight, tying a knot. Then remove the cardboard.

Voila you have a pom pom. If you look around online, you can probably find more instructions with photos if you need them.

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If you can, you might want to try and use recyled shopping bags, rather than buying some trash bags specifically for making pom poms.

The kind of plastic shopping bags you get at clothing stores and places like that are probably going to be of more use than supermarket shopping bags, but you could try either of them.

It's just plastic shopping bags are so difficult to recycle, it's better to try and use them in other projects whenever possible, rather than buying new ones.

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