How Do I Make Apricot Jam?

Christina Edwards

Before you make apricot jam, you will need to obtain apricots, jam jars, pectin, and sugar. While you sanitize the jars, you can puree the apricots. Mix them with a little sugar and pectin, and boil the mixture on the stove. When the jam is at the right consistency, it can be poured in to the jars and sealed.

Apricot jam is best with fresh apricots.
Apricot jam is best with fresh apricots.

You will need a decent amount of apricots when you make apricot jam. Fresh apricots are usually best, and these are often more readily available in the summer. Frozen apricots can be used as well, if fresh ones are not available.

Apricot jam is thickened with pectin.
Apricot jam is thickened with pectin.

You will also need jam jars, which should be sanitized. To sanitize the jars and lids, submerge them in very hot water. The water should be almost boiling. Washing the jars and lids in the dishwasher with very hot water will also work.

Wash fresh apricots well, and removed any mushy rotten spots. Cut each apricot in half, and remove the hard seed inside, which is known as the pit. The fruit can then be cut into little pieces before being pureed in a blender.

The skins of the apricot can either be left on or removed when you make apricot jam. To remove the skins, you can submerge the fruit in a pot of boiling water for about one minute. Then remove the apricots and plunge them into ice water. The skins should then be very easy to remove.

After the apricots have been pureed, they can then be put into a large pot. A packet of pectin should be added to a small amount of sugar, and mixed into the pureed apricots. The pot should then be put onto the stove and heated on medium high heat until it starts to boil. To keep the jam from burning, you should stir it constantly.

Sugar should be added to the apricots when the mixture begins to boil. The amount of sugar you add when you make apricot jam will vary. Usually, experts recommend a ratio of one part sugar to one part pureed apricots. For instance, if you have four cups (950 milliliters) of apricots, you should add four cups (950 milliliters) of sugar. If you prefer that your jam is not as sweet, you can cut back on the amount of sugar added.

The mixture should then be brought to a full boil for about one minute. A cold plate that was put in the freezer ahead of time can be used to check the consistency of the jam. Place a spoonful of hot jam on the plate. After a few moments, if the jam is not the right consistency, you should cook it a little longer or add a little more pectin.

The apricot jam should be put into jam jars after it has reached the right consistency. The lid can then be set on top of the jar, and the ring should be screwed on tight. Many people also then boil the jam for around five minutes. The jar is sealed when the center of the lid is sucked into the jar, and the jam can then be allowed to cool slowly.

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