How do I Make a Wedding Scrapbook?

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A wedding scrapbook is an excellent way to keep clear memories of an important day. Scrapbooks can be assembled by the newlyweds or may be a gift to the new couple from a relative or friend. There are several different ways to make a scrapbook that commemorates a wedding, giving people considerable choice in how to best collect and display memories of this important occasion.

When making a traditional wedding scrapbook, the process generally begins with finding the scrapbook or album itself. These are often available at craft stores, and may be customized in many ways. A plain scrapbook could be covered in fabric and embroidered, or even painted to match the colors of the wedding. The date of the wedding and names of the bride and groom can be written or painted on the front, making it a truly personal album.

Filling a wedding scrapbook requires a careful gathering of wedding souvenirs. Scrapbooks are usually a combination of items such as photographs, invitations, menus, fabric from the bride's dress or groom's handkerchief, and other assorted signs of nuptials. Ask relatives for any items they might have that relate to the wedding to expand available options. If the bride and groom have a wedding planner, let him or her know to be on the lookout for usable items for a scrapbook.


When choosing photographs for a wedding scrapbook, remember that many weddings have a professional photographer and that the bride and groom probably already have a set of pictures from the wedding. Candid snaps are fantastic for a scrapbook, as they show the newlyweds a different perspective than that of the professional. Try to find photographs of fun moments, like the bridal party getting ready, the groomsmen being silly, and the bouquet toss.

Social networking and photograph album websites can be of great benefit if more photographs are needed. Since many people post their photographs online, these can easily be downloaded to the scrapbooker's computer and printed to add to the album. Be sure to check with the photo's owners before downloading, or simply ask them to forward the pictures desired.

Making a digital wedding scrapbook is a great way to commemorate a wedding in an unusual way. Get files of all of the photos and videos possible from the wedding, then use a simple movie-making program to stitch these together. Add a soundtrack of the wedding music, the first dance song, and silly or romantic tunes. If the scrapbook is planned before the wedding, get video testimonials from the guests about the happy couple to intersperse with photos.


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@ocelot60- If you can't find a scrapbook that already has a wedding theme, you can also easily turn a regular scrapbook into a very nice wedding gift.

Start with a scrapbook that will fit the items that you want to put put in it. Next, purchase a piece of white, satin fabric from your local craft shop. Finally, cover the front and back of the scrapbook by carefully wrapping the fabric around it and gluing it to the inside. You will have an scrapbook that is worthy of wedding photos and mementos of the bride's and groom's special day.

Post 1

Most wedding supply stores carry a variety of beautiful wedding-themed scrapbooks, many with coverings that resemble wedding dresses. These scrapbooks make great gifts for brides and grooms. In addition, it is easy to personalize them without having to start from scratch with basis scrapbooks.

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