How do I Make a Tea Gift Basket?

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A tea gift basket can be simple or complex, depending upon what people want to include. There are many items that can make up part of these baskets. Differently sized baskets for either very grand or simple gifts can be found in a variety of locations.

A cup of tea.
A cup of tea.

Of course, the foundation of any tea gift basket is tea, and here there are so many choices. A good store that specializes in tea can guide people toward a variety of selections. Consider some samples of black tea, green tea and herbal teas as your basics. If the person creating the basket knows of particular tea preferences, they can use this as a guide for tea selection, but when this is not known, choosing considerable variety can help please anyone who will receive the tea gift basket.

A teapot is a nice addition to a tea gift basket.
A teapot is a nice addition to a tea gift basket.

Using teashops can pose some questions about what additional items should be included. If purchasing loose tea, make sure to add a few tea balls or a tea strainer. When people don’t have these, it can be difficult to make tea as directed. For those who want to avoid this issue, simply buy bagged tea, which is far easier to use.

Homemade fruit bread is a lovely addition to a tea gift basket.
Homemade fruit bread is a lovely addition to a tea gift basket.

It can be fun to include a small teapot, and certainly a few mugs with a tea gift basket. There are small pots that aren’t greatly expensive and will brew about two cups of tea at once. Another option is to buy a whistling tea kettle (though this will require a fairly large basket), which can be used on the stove to make plenty of boiling water at once.

As for mugs, there are plenty to choose from, though others may prefer fancier teacups and saucers made of bone china. Coordinating teapots may be available with these, and might feature tea strainers, which eliminates the issue of whether to buy bagged or loose tea. If going for a specific theme, there are beautiful Asian pots with small cups, as one might find in most Asian restaurants that can be lovely when served with various green tea or oolong varieties.

Tea wouldn’t be quite the same without some food to nibble on. Consider some delicate cookies that will go well with tea. For Asian themed baskets, check local Asian grocery stores for almond and fortune cookies. Black tea and herbal tea can be delicious with various European themed cookies (Pepperidge Farm® has a good selection) or with small tea cakes that can be sliced as needed. People can also make homemade cookies to add to a tea gift basket, but be certain to wrap these carefully, as they may not be used right away.

A tea kettle.
A tea kettle.

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@spotiche5- Those are great ideas for homemade tea gift baskets. I am planning to make one as a birthday gift for a friend who drinks tea everyday. I am excited because I found a beautiful vintage teapot to include in the basket.

These types of tea pots make unique gifts by themselves, so you can imagine how nicely they look in gift baskets. They are easy to find in specialty shops that feature vintage items, or from antique dealers.


It is fun to make tea gift baskets and to put a variety of unique items in them. I often make tea baskets for gifts, and I include a variety of flavorful teas in them along with several other items.

In addition to teas, small cookies make great additions to these unique gift baskets. Since many people drink tea for breakfast and brunch, I also include several types of jams that go nicely with toast. Finally, I always add a few bottles of different types of honey to the baskets, which most tea drinkers appreciate.

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