How Do I Make a Rag Rug?

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To make a rag rug, first gather all articles of old clothing you no longer use, which may include outgrown children's clothing, or garments that are torn or unwearable. To crochet your rag rug, you will need a floor loom and shuttles to keep your rug steady as you do the weaving. Basically, you will place your strips onto the loom, which is a type of frame, and tightly weave them together. When your rug is woven, you'll need to secure it together, preferably with a sewing machine. Be sure your sewing machine has the basic stitch forward and reverse functions.

Before you make a rag rug, you will need to decide what material to use. A wool rug may be more durable than cotton, however, you may have more cotton scraps at your disposal than wool. If you want to save money and use materials from around the home, you might be limited to the choice of materials available. If you are determined to make a rag rug from specific material, such as wool, you can purchase your material from a fabric store.

Think of where you plan on placing the rug you create. You may want your handmade rag rug to match your room's decor. Once you've decided upon the colors and fabric, gather all materials needed for your do-it-yourself (DIY) rag rug project.


As you set out to make a rag rug, you'll also need a good pair of scissors. Fabric shears are best for this project. It's best to use pieces of fabric that are cut into small sections. For best results, cut material that is no larger than 3 or 4 inches (7 or 10 cm). If you're using wool or another thick fabric, you can make your strips a little larger. Use heavy-duty carpet thread, if available.

You will need to braid your strips, and be certain that all ends are knotted together. Before you begin, however, arrange your fabric sections just as you like. It's best to do your work on the floor rather than a table. When it's time to sew your fabric strips together, a good quality sewing machine will make the task easier.

Detailed illustrations may be helpful, so search online, in craft books, or in an instructional video for further ideas. Decide whether you want to make a rag rug that is oval or rectangular. If you wish to have a rug that is easy to maintain and can easily be placed in a washing machine, avoid making your rug extremely large.


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Post 4

A few years ago I was given a rag quilt for a Christmas present. This was made with fabric that perfectly complemented my family room.

My friend who made it for me is very crafty and always looking for some new craft project. Rag quilts have been around for a long time, but this is the first time I have ever had one of my own.

This was made with some soft fleece material and had some batting in the middle which added an extra layer of softness. If someone is looking for a unique, creative gift for someone that doesn't cost a lot of money, a rag quilt is a great idea.

Post 3

Many years ago when I was in Girl Scouts we were making braided rugs with rags. I didn't think much about it at the time, other than it being a fun craft project.

A few years ago my daughter also learned how to make these rugs, and I found myself getting interested in making them again.

This is much more inexpensive than buying a new rug every time I need one. It seems like I go through the throw rugs in my kitchen quite often.

Once you learn the process, it doesn't take too much time to make them. When I watch TV in the evenings, I like to be working on a craft at the same time, and sometimes I can complete a rug in a week.

Post 2

A few years ago at the fair I saw a lady making a toothbrush rag rug. This whole rug was made with a special toothbrush hook and different rags.

She also went around the country and put on workshops on how to make these rugs. A few months later I discovered that one of our local adult education programs was offering a class on this technique.

I signed up for the class and learned how to make these rag rugs with this special hook. This was a fun project to learn using old materials I had around the house. My only investment was the small fee to take the class and the toothbrush, which didn't cost very much.

Post 1

My mom used to make rag rugs with a loom. This loom was small enough to sit on the table, and this is how she made all of the rugs in our house.

She must have learned how to do this from my grandma, and I seldom remember her following a specific pattern. I think she used the same pattern for all of our rags, but just used whatever rags or materials she had on hand.

I never learned how to make a rag rug, and have never really been interested in knowing how to do it. I would rather just go to the store and buy one. They have so many different colors and styles to choose from, and this is a lot easier and less time consuming for me.

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