How do I Make a Photobook?

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One crafty way to display your photos is to make a photobook. Many people like photobooks because they can easily be displayed on shelves, bookcases and tables. They also make great gifts. There are many ways to make a photobook, including using a personal bookbinding machine, using a custom photobook website, creating one with a blank album or using an old-fashioned photo album.

For the ultimate in customization, you can use a personal bookbinding machine to make a photobook. This option is a good one if you like the idea of being able to customize the look of your photobooks or if you will be making many bound books and photobooks, because this can help justify the cost. A bookbinding machine will either spiral bind or glue bind your books, allowing you to use various materials as covers for the photobook. In addition, you can add whichever prints you would like to your photobook, then decorate the pages around the photos with various embellishments. This option also makes fast work of the actual binding of the book.


Many people do not use photo prints anymore but do have quite a bit of digital media on hand. You can either have your photos printed for use in a photobook, or you can use one of many websites to create custom photobooks. These websites generally have several size, color and cover options from which you can choose. You then upload your photos to the site, arrange them in the book and add any captions and other text you would like, then the company prints the book for you and ships it to the recipient. This is usually a cost-conscious way to make a photobook that still allows some customization.

Another way to create a photobook is to purchase a blank book and fill it on your own. Scrapbook albums are a great option. You can adhere your photos to the pages; embellish it with various ribbons, buttons, jewels and paper; and add text if you would like. The possibilities are truly endless. One drawback to this option is that it tends to take much more time than other options, but if you have the time and are handy at doing crafts, this might be the most enjoyable.

Some people still prefer to use photo albums to make a photobook. These albums contain pockets into which you can slip your prints. There is not much customization available with this option, but it does contain your photos and make them easy to display. This option can be relatively inexpensive as well.


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