How do I Lose Hip Fat?

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People store excess fat in different areas of the body, largely dependent on activity level, hormone balance, and genetics. Many people, especially adult women, tend to store fat around the hips. While it is impossible to spot-target hip fat for weight loss, a healthy all-over body care and diet routine can greatly help lose hip fat.

There are two major factors that will affect the ability to lose hip fat: diet and exercise. These two elements must be combined for greatest effectiveness. A poor diet and heavy exercise will likely leave a person exhausted and unhealthy, while a good diet but sedentary lifestyle may result in no beneficial changes to the body at all. Combining the right methods of diet and exercise can help tone and strengthen the body, as well as lead to overall weight and fat loss.

When considering exercise to reduce hip fat, focus on fat-burning and hip toning exercises. Even if hip muscles are perfectly toned, it will be impossible to tell if the muscle is buried under fat. Similarly, if all the fat is burned away, hips may not look toned and firm unless an adequate strength training routine is added. By combining fat-burning workouts with lots of toning exercises, a person can lose hip fat and create a smooth, toned hip line.


In order to burn fat, try to do at least three cardiovascular routines per week. These can include running, jogging, walking, bicycling, aerobics, and swimming. Cardiovascular exercise burns fat by increasing the heart rate and pumping up metabolism; in effect, making the body work harder and devouring resources, such as fat, to do so. Be certain to consult a doctor before beginning a cardiovascular routine to ensure that it is safe to proceed.

Hip toning exercises can help turn flabby hips, abs, and rear ends into sleek, toned muscles. Since the hips contain elements of both the gluteus, thigh, and abdominal muscle groups, many exercises geared toward the stomach and butt will also help tone and reduce hip fat. Think of hip toning exercises as a quadruple threat, as they can result not only in trimmer hips, but toned thighs, abs, and buns as well.

Exercise routines such as Pilates, yoga, and ballet contain many moves that will help lose hip fat and tone the hip area. Performing one of these routines two or three times per week will help build strength and stability in the hips between cardiovascular workouts.

In terms of diet, the basic rules of healthy eating apply. Eat lots of fruit and veggies, and be sure to get an adequate amount of protein. Adding a new exercise routine may increase hunger, so be sure to stem cravings with healthy, low-fat, low-sugar foods. Consider starting a food journal or using a free online program that tracks daily calories. Although a diet cannot help spot-reduce to lose hip fat, healthy eating will likely prevent any additional gain and may help with overall weight loss goals.


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Post 3

TwistedTwig- I have been doing pilates for a couple of months. I have enjoyed doing the exercises and feel that my body is getting stronger each day.

Pilates has helped me to become more lean and toned. Therefore, my hips have toned up as well. However, pilates does not specifically target hip fat. It does overall toning and gives your whole body a more lean appearance.

Doing pilates alone will not totally get rid of your hip fat. You will also need to do other exercises to lose hip fat.

Post 2

heart297- Thank you for the good tip.

Has anyone had any experience doing Pilates? Did it help you to reduce your hip fat?

Post 1

To help reduce hip fat and increase muscle, you will want to introduce lean meat into your diet. Eating lean protein can help convert fat in your body into muscle and create an overall lean look.

You will want to eat lots of lean chicken and turkey. Eating fish is also beneficial. You will want to stay away from hamburger, bacon, ham and sausage. These meats are high in fat content and may cause you to gain weight.

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