How Do I Learn Vietnamese?

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The first step in the process of learning Vietnamese is to outline your overall goals. Decide why you want to learn Vietnamese, and to what level of proficiency you intend to learn the language. This may dictate the different methods by which you can learn the language. Look into different options locally for learning the language; a good place to check is the local community college, at which classes may be offered. You may need to seek out private tutors who can help you learn the language, or even Vietnamese social groups that will accept you and teach you the language conversationally.

One method by which you can learn Vietnamese that has become exceptionally popular is online learning, or software learning. Some companies manufacture DVDs and computer software that will teach you the Vietnamese language from the very basics on up to more complex conversational Vietnamese. This is a great way to learn Vietnamese if there are no classroom options available, and no options for tutors in your area. The price of software can be quite high in some cases, so choose carefully and do plenty of research beforehand to ensure you choose a reputable software brand.


Taking a class at a local community college or even at a university is certainly one good option to learn Vietnamese, though depending on the region in which you live, this language offering may not be very common. Even if the college or university does not offer this language as a course, be sure to ask the foreign languages department for recommendations on ways to learn the language. Someone in the department may be able to recommend you to a tutor or to some alternative route to learning the language.

Consider seeking out Vietnamese social clubs or even just Vietnamese people living in your area. Working with a Vietnamese speaker who can also speak your primary language is a great way to learn the language quickly and efficiently. You can put an ad in a newspaper or online message board seeking out Vietnamese native speakers who would be willing to teach you the basics and even hold conversations with you on a regular basis so you can learn Vietnamese without classes or computer software.

One of the best ways to learn Vietnamese, but also often the least accessible way, is to take a trip to Vietnam. Spending time in the country will force you to learn at least the very basics of the language, and you will be able to get direct conversation experience with the people of Vietnam. It is possible to enroll in courses at institutions in the country that will teach you the language quickly.


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