How Do I Keep up with Nail Polish Trends?

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Like everything else in the style and beauty world, nail polish trends will go in and out of fashion over the seasons and the years, and it can be difficult to keep up with what is trendy. There are a few different and effective ways to keep up with nail polish trends, and other current styles as well. One of the best ways is to read fashion magazines as well as cosmetics websites and blogs. Looking at the colors used in seasonal fashion shows is also a great indicator of the newest trends. If all else fails, simply asking beauticians at a local spa or salon can be a good way to find out what other people are doing.

Fashion magazines are some of the best ways to keep up with nail polish trends, and they will often do seasonal articles about the latest trends in cosmetics and polishes. For free, however, there are hundreds of fashion websites and blogs that keep up with the nail polish trends and others in real time. These blogs often offer immediate commentary on fashion shows or seasonal clothing releases by designers, and may give unique and creative tips for taking the newest nail polish trends, and putting an individual spin on them.


Aside from fashion magazines and websites, nail polish trends can also be determined by watching fashion shows independently. Though they will not be specifically about nail polish, the colors and themes that are used will almost always bleed over into which cosmetics and nail polish colors will be popular that year. Another option is to just ask the beautician at a salon what the yearly nail polish trends are; since this person is doing manicures and pedicures all day, he or she will likely have a great insight into what is popular with other customers, and what is happening in the beauty market overall.

It is important to keep in mind that while it may be fun to keep up with nail polish trends, it is fun to find your own unique style as well. You might take inspiration from a favorite piece of clothing or pair of shoes, for example. Remember, the way trends get started is by creative people with a willingness to try something new, and nail polish and cosmetics can be a great, non-permanent way to explore different looks. If a particular combination doesn't work, simply remove it and try something else instead.


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