How do I Install a Flood Light Fixture?

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Outdoor lighting is useful in providing safety and home security, as well as contributing to the enjoyment of the yard, patio, and/or pool long into the night. Outdoor flood lights are an easy and inexpensive addition to a home’s ambiance and value. Installation of a flood light fixture takes little time, and requires no special expertise.

After purchasing a flood light fixture, a location for mounting must be determined. The fixture should be elevated to provide effective, wide-spread lighting, and it should be located reasonably close to a ceiling electrical box. Directly under a roof overhang or eve would be an ideal location for ensuring that the flood light fixture is somewhat protected from the weather.

When a location has been determined, turn off power to the chosen electrical box, and, using the proper gauge of outdoor wiring, attach the wiring to the box. White (neutral) wires are connected together, black (hot) wires are connected together, and bare (ground) wires are connected together. Make sure the wiring connections are secure.

Next, run a length of wire from the box to the location of the light switch. Trace the exact size of the switch box on the inside wall, then cut a hole in the drywall following the outline. Fish the wire from the box into the switch-box opening.


At this point, determine if the flood light fixture is to be mounted into, or, onto the exterior wall. If onto the wall, simply drill a hole of sufficient size to allow the wire through, and mount the light fixture to the wall. If mounting the flood light fixture into the wall, cut the proper size hole in the wall, being careful not to damage any interior wiring or pipes near the hole, and insert the box. In either case, make sure the fixture is securely attached.

Attach the incoming and outgoing wire to the inside switch box. Again, attach white wire to white wire, black to black, and ground to ground. When the switch wires are firmly secured, run the outgoing wire to the flood light fixture box, and then mount the cover plate to the switch box.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions for wiring the light fixture to ensure the proper wires are attached to the proper connectors in the fixture. Once the light fixture is securely wired, caulk the seam between the fixture box and the exterior wall. Install the cover plate on the fixture, and screw in the flood light bulbs. At this point, turn the power back on, test the lights, and adjust the movable bulb-holders as desired.


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Post 2

We have a pool in our back yard, and the flood lights really make a nice difference. I can look out the window when it is dark outside and see what is happening around the pool area.

This is good for security and for safety. We had these flood lights installed when we put the pool in. If you are outside swimming in the evening and there is no moon to give any light, the flood lights provide just the right amount of light.

I wasn't there when they installed the flood lights, but I have sure been able to benefit from them. If we had not put them in when the pool was installed, I am sure we would have added them at a later date.

Post 1

When we installed our exterior flood light fixtures, my husband did all the wiring. Having some knowledge of electrical wiring made this a pretty quick process.

Even is someone didn't have much knowledge about electrical wiring, this wouldn't be that hard to do. We really enjoy having the flood lights. not only does it really make the property look nice in the evening, but it is nice to have the light outside in the evening.

When we walk from the back deck area to the front of the house the flood lights give us enough light without needing to turn on any extra outside lights.

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