How Do I Increase Metabolic Enzymes?

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Two of the best ways to increase metabolic enzymes are with raw foods and a moderate amount of exercise. Enzyme supplements can also help to increase the enzyme levels; however, they might not be as effective as raw foods. Bananas, papayas, and pineapples are rich with enzymes that can help to increase the levels naturally. As with many other substances, the production of enzymes decreases with age.

Metabolic enzymes are produced in the pancreas and are designed to primarily focus on rebuilding and repairing damaged tissues. They are responsible for absorbing digested nutrients and also aid in eliminating undigested food that has made its way into the bloodstream. All organs and cells within the body depend on the presence of these enzymes in order for them to function properly.

Raw foods are loaded with many enzymes that help with the digestive process, which in turn helps to preserve and increase the metabolic enzymes within the body. Banana enzymes are particularly helpful when consumed in the morning as they can help to jump-start the metabolism. Pineapple enzymes, known as bromelain, and papaya enzymes, known as papain, are also very helpful for improving the metabolism and digestive process. Most cooked and processed foods do not contain these necessary enzymes, which forces the pancreas to compensate for the lack of enzymes. Over time, however, the pancreas becomes stressed, and the enzyme levels begin to decrease.


Many enzyme supplements can also help; however, not all supplements have the same levels of activity and effectiveness. The higher the activity and effectiveness, the more beneficial they are in helping increase the enzymes. Information like this regarding the supplements is generally available on the packages.

A moderate amount of exercise can help with the production of these enzymes as well. Exercise helps the body to increase in muscle mass and speeds up the metabolism. Nevertheless, it is important to keep the exercise within moderate levels as intense or prolonged exercise sessions seem to have the opposite effect. The key is to listen to your body and stop when it begins to tire.

A reduced amount of metabolic enzymes and aging go hand in hand because the enzymes are required to maintain a strong and healthy body. Naturally, the production of enzymes slows down with age, which makes it even more important for you to increase the levels whenever possible. Once the body begins to lack those enzymes, many age-related and degenerative diseases begin to develop.


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