How do I Increase Lip Volume?

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Many people feel fuller lips are more attractive and as such, the cosmetics and cosmetic surgery industry have responded to this demand in a variety of ways. Thus when people want to increase lip volume they have a lot of choices. These include very temporary “over-the-counter choices” in the form of lip plumpers and lip volumizers, and a variety of medical procedures that may temporarily or permanently enhance lip volume.

A lip plumper may add fullness to thin lips.
A lip plumper may add fullness to thin lips.

Lip plumpers can be found at lots of stores that sell cosmetics, and each may work in different ways. Some contain ingredients that cause the lips to become somewhat irritated so they swell. The swelling effect usually goes away once the person stops using the product. Other products may be vitamin based and may slightly increase blood flow to the lips so lip volume is improved. Alternately a few of these products have collagen and a combination of acids that may slough of dead skin and stimulate production of new skin, which may be aided when collagen is present.

Some types of lipstick can help increase lip volume.
Some types of lipstick can help increase lip volume.

The degree to which any product marketed to increase lip volume will work is variable. Some give slightly more volume, but they won’t take people with thin lips to very full ones. At best they will increase volume somewhat if used consistently. Applying lipstick or glosses can also help. However, these products aren’t to everyone, and some feel that they need a more dramatic increase. For this, they’ll have to turn to a cosmetic surgeon or sometimes a dermatologist.

One way to enhance lip volume is by injecting substances into it. These can include collagen, Restylane®, and fat, often harvested from the person’s own body. Injections of any of these substances tend to immediately increase volume, and when poorly done, they increase lip size so dramatically that the lips look misshapen. On the other hand, many people are greatly satisfied with lip appearance afterwards. Maintaining a more luscious lip look will require further injections, but many people get at least six months, and often up to 12 months of fuller lips.

There are some other less temporary ways to increase lip volume. Special lip implants usually made of material like gore-tex®, can be surgically placed inside the lips and the results of these implants are permanent. Sometimes implants or injectable treatments are paired with lip lifts. As people age the lips don’t just thin; they sink. Lip lifts may reduce wrinkling around the lips, address the sinking of the lips by narrowing the space between the nose and upper lip, and may also deal with thinning with implants or injections.

Lip injections will help increase a person's lip volume.
Lip injections will help increase a person's lip volume.

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I use cayenne pepper and and an herbal salve to line the inside of my lips before photo shoots to make my lips dramatically more full. Spicy dishes with fresh hot pepper, and hot mustard greens also work and increase blood flow to give a nice flush to ones face.

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