How do I Increase Hip Flexibility?

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Not having hip flexibility can be a problem because lack of it could make you vulnerable to injury as well as making it more painful and difficult for you to move around. In order to have optimum health, flexibility, and mobility, it is important to have adequate hip flexibility. Fortunately, there are some simple exercises you can do. It is possible to increase hip flexibility by doing simple stretches.

Doing a simple stretch where you stand up with legs apart and then lean slightly backward can be a helpful way to improve hip flexibility. Granted, it is important that you move cautiously. Moving too fast might cause you to lose your balance; however, if you can maintain your balance, this simple stretch can get you started in the process of improving flexibility.

Getting into a lunge position, where you raise a ball over the head while stretching the arms upward, can help stretch your hips. The lunge position itself helps to stretch the hips because you have one leg forward. Also, holding a ball over the head while standing upright forces you to stretch the hips because you are lifting your arms.


Lying face down on the floor, putting the palms of your hands on the floor then raising your chest and then stomach off the floor is another exercise that will stretch the hips. At first you may not be able to fully do this exercise. For example, you may only be able to raise your chest off of the floor; however, eventually you will be able to lift yourself all the way off the floor.

Standing on one foot, grabbing the other foot and gently pulling that foot toward the buttocks is an exercise that will improve hip flexibility. This is an exercise that people typically do before walking or running. However, this exercise could be done by itself as a good way to stretch the hips.

Sitting on the floor with your legs crossed and gently pushing the knees toward the ground is a way to increase hip flexibility. This is a hip abductor stretch. Please note that this should be done only after one has developed sufficient flexibility in the hips. In other words, even though this stretch may seem simple, do not overdo it.

These stretches are just a few of the ways that one can increase hip flexibility; however, there are other exercises that can be done as well. For example, there are ballet or Pilates exercises that one can do. Keep in mind that it is important not to strain as you do the exercises. Always warm up before doing your stretches. Also, work with a fitness instructor if you can to help prevent injury.


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