How do I Improve Workplace Performance?

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Improving workplace performance is a concern of many people, both on a managerial and employee level. If a workplace is efficient and well-run, productivity, customer service, reputation, and employee morale may all improve greatly. It is usually a good idea to be on the lookout for new ways to improve workplace performance. Whether by boosting employee attitudes or finally updating a snail-slow filing system, improving workplace performance can be the first step to a more successful business.

Most companies rely heavily on their employees to get day to day work done. The office worker, the janitor, the floor supervisor, and even the cafeteria employees can all be a major factor in how good the company is and how efficiently it runs. It is important to listen carefully to employee feedback to improve workplace performance; since many entry level and junior workers are on the ground floor of the company, they may be in the clearest position to be honest about possible improvements. Creating an open dialogue about improvements between management and employees can go a long way toward improving workplace performance.


Employees may also perform better if their workplace is a pleasant place to come in each day. When designing an office, cost may be a primary concern but the comfort and morale of those working there should be no less important. Improve employee morale through perks and thoughtful gestures, such as clean, comfortable break rooms, bonus and incentive programs, and fun company events like picnics or weekly lunchtime yoga classes. The potential upsides to a respectful and comfortable working environment on performance cannot be overstated.

A well-structured training and apprenticeship program is extremely important to workplace performance. Even in job positions that require industry experience, a new worker may not be familiar with the computer systems, chain of command, and work atmosphere of a new workplace. Workers can quickly begin making errors if not properly trained and guided. In addition, when new technology hits an industry, try to provide training courses to keep employees up to speed.

There are professionals called efficiency experts who may be hired to help improve workplace performance. These professionals are paid to analyze a workplace, identify performance issues, and come up with programs and changes that will maximize efficiency and performance. A manager who constantly employs this strategy of analysis, identification, and adoption of better policies may be able to avoid the cost and potential resentment of bringing in an outside professional to manage the workplace.


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Post 3

@ysmina-- I think it does. I think if people get to know each other better and form friendships, there is more unity and cooperation at the workplace which translates into less workplace conflict and better performance.

But I also think that that one single factor isn't enough to impact overall performance. If employees needs and rights are not met at the workplace, I don't think these sort of activities will do much.

Post 2

If employees and employers meet outside of office hours for events, does it really affect workplace productivity and performance?

Post 1

From my personal experience, motivation and workplace performance are closely related. The more employee motivational techniques are utilized at a workplace, the better the performance of employees.

There are different types of motivational techniques like encouragement and recognition through communication and rewards. These techniques help employees feel that they are vital for the company. The more employees care about the company, the better they perform at work for the well being of the company.

Ever since we've increased motivational activities at my workplace, our performance has improved greatly.

Do we have any other managers here? Do you agree with me?

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