How do I Improve Vascular Function?

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Vascular function is vital for optimal health and there are several ways to improve the performance and function of your vascular system. For example, vascular function may be improved by giving up cigarette smoking, which is damaging to your cardiovascular health and may cause cancer. Proper blood circulation is essential for proper vascular function, and if you sit or lie down for long periods at a time, your blood vessels may not be receiving the adequate circulation needed. Therefore it is recommended to receive daily exercise to increase blood flow, especially to your legs.

Some other ways of increasing your vascular function may include keeping your weight in check. If you are overweight, try to maintain a proper weight through a nutritional and exercise program that works for you. Being overweight can lead to vascular problems, as it puts excess strain on blood vessels.

Hypertension can lead to many complications, one of them being cardiovascular. For improved vascular health, monitor your blood pressure regularly. If you notice an increase in blood pressure above 140/90, talk to your physician. He may recommend medication to lower your blood pressure. Regular exercise and a modified diet may help improve vascular function in such a case.


It is said that folic acid can provide vascular benefits. Experts believe folic acid stimulates blow flow to main arteries of the heart. In fact, many female athletes have taken folic acid to improve their vascular function and boost their performance and stamina in their sport. Before beginning any type of supplement therapy, you should consult with a physician.

To maintain a healthy vascular system, you need to be sure that proper circulation is being distributed throughout your body. In addition to daily walking and exercise, there are other ways to achieve this. One negative habit you may want to stop is crossing your legs. This may decrease circulation in your legs to a degree.

Also, if you do yard work, or other types of activities that require you to kneel for a long period of time, take frequent breaks. Get up and move around in between sessions. Any activity that puts excessive pressure on an area of your body, such as an arm or leg may reduce circulation. If you feel numbness for example, you need to stretch, move around, or massage the area to increase blood flow.

Some experts believe there are beneficial properties in chocolate and cocoa that may improve vascular health and function. Consuming such foods in moderation may improve your vascular function. Also, coenzyme Q10 is another essential ingredient for healthy blood cells and cardiovascular system. You may want to ask your health care provider if taking a supplement can benefit you.


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