How Do I Improve My Corporate Etiquette?

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Books, seminars, and instructional sites are available tools that are designed to help people improve their corporate etiquette. These resources can provide an assortment of tips and tricks for people who wish to develop more polished manners for use in business environments. In addition to covering domestic etiquette topics, some resources also provide information about doing business internationally. Behavioral expectations, especially in business settings, can vary considerably around the world and it is important to obtain regionally appropriate training.

Some companies may sponsor etiquette training for their staff. They may maintain a library of resources like books and videos, and could pay for personnel who want to attend trainings. Employees may also want to consider working with a supervisor to bring a corporate etiquette class to the workplace. Etiquette specialists who focus on the business world may offer mobile workshops to companies who can gather enough interested employees. If an employer appears reluctant to pay for this service, staff members could point out that the training may improve the work environment and help the company position itself better in the market.


Employees can also seek corporate etiquette information on their own. Learning resources can be found at bookstores and libraries and it is also possible to attend workshops, events, and meetings. While an employer may not pay for these, it should be willing to grant time off to employees with an interest in professional development. Attendance at such events may be eligible for tax write-offs, as it can be a work related expense, depending on the tax code and the situation.

International companies may send employees on corporate etiquette trainings before posting them in foreign countries. This ensures that staff members are familiar with the business climate where they will be working. Such programs are sometimes offered in a host nation, along with language classes, to help people prepare to do business. These resources are valuable for employees who want to put the best foot forward during discussions with people from other nations.

Another option is private etiquette lessons with a consultant. This can allow students to set their own pace in a class, and to discuss issues in depth without worrying about disrupting other attendees. This kind of corporate etiquette training may be available in the home or in the office, and can also be done through email and online material for businesspeople who cannot commit to a fixed schedule of meetings in particular places. Consultants are also available when businesses want to prepare for important meetings and request input and advice on keeping the meeting smooth and organized.


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